At the end of 2012, we asked fans to give their opinion on a number of polls about current topics of interest on the Org and other forums, Facebook, chat and so forth. 1414 fans voted in these polls. Thank you for your participation!

First up, here is information about the application of these poll results. This info isn't a spoiler or a secret. I merely put it into spoiler tags so it's not taking up too much space, giving you the option to read that info if you choose.

Online polls are not scientific polls in that they do not take random samples from the entire populous. But proponents of online polls point out how voluntary polling is just like voting where there are people who take the time to vote and others who let the voters speak on their behalf. So to those proponents, the standards applied to determining confidence in voluntary polling is just as valid.'s poll are similar. The polls are open to everyone. Plus, all of the registered members of the Org forums were notified of the poll. The polls were also advertised on the main page of were it receives over 100,000 unique visits a month. Notices were posted on our Facebook and Twitter accounts as well. We feel confident that a majority of MOTUC consumers visit and that our online fan polls are representative of that market.

Via random info collected over the years and through fan speculations, we have estimated MOTUC sells around 15,000 units per figure. If each figure went into the hand of one collector, as opposed to some fans buying multiple copies which we know happens, that means MOTUC may have approximately 15,000 customers. But for the purpose of discussing the application of these poll results and placing further burden on our numbers, we'll be generous and increase those estimates to 20,000 customers.

Based on 20,000 potential customers, in order to reach a 95% confidence level with a 3% confidence interval, we need to poll 1000 fans. These polls exceed this requirement. What those percentages mean is that statistically speaking, if you polled 1000 random MOTUC customers, you would have at least a 92% chance of replicating similar results.

Some may argue that we have to consider people voting multiple times and/or that they may not be actual MOTUC customers. But considering these were anonymous polls where the results were hidden to prevent any competition, that we take measures on our own to eliminate repeat votes when possible, and that the opinions currently have no official bearing on the line, we feel these factors would have insignificant influence on the results and that the votes cast reflect honest opinions of the MOTUC customer base.

So let's get to the poll results!

First up is,
What Toyguru catchphrase stands out the most?

43% Keep reading the bios
21% We can't comment past...
11% Logistics
10% A great idea, but...
9% Maybe in a movie year
6% That style is retired

Love them or hate them, those are the Toyguru phrases fans see frequently used. Scott was a good sport and let us poll fans about that one.

Next up is a poll about the Granamyr QC problems. With this poll, we can't apply the confidence rating as this is not an opinion poll. It's about actual in-hand product and the condition it's in. Also, for this particular poll, only 583 people voted. This could be for any number of reasons, from not having Granamyr yet, to be satisfied with the product and not voting, to having it in package and not knowing condition, etc.
Is your Granamyr in good condition?

77% He is in good condition
20% The connecting socket for or the connecting plug in his tail was broken
2.5% Something else was broken or defective (no reason provided)
0.1% He has not arrived yet
0.1% The right shoulder's socket
0.1% Right Arm
0.1% Not arrived yet
0.1% There's something wrong with his top torso connection

We did a poll before about Cringer/Battle Cat speaking in a new film. But fans brought up how telepathy might be another possibility for his communication with Adam/He-Man, so we ran it again.
Should Cringer/Battle Cat talk in a new He-Man movie?

37% neither should speak out loud
36% both should speak out loud using the same language as He-Man
13% they should speak to He-Man using telepathy
8% Battle Cat should speak out loud using the same language as He-Man, Cringer should not speak at all
6% Cringer should speak out loud using the same language as He-Man, Battle Cat should not speak at all

Another interesting topic was about the term "Masters." The 2002 cartoon saw "Masters" being used to refer to just the heroes and this was carried on to the MOTUC toy line. Many fans had taken "Masters" to be a term that applied to all characters, both hero and villain, in the MOTU world. So we put it to a vote.
Do you like the term "Masters" from Masters of the Universe only referring to the heroes?

51% no, Masters should refer to both heroes and villains
29% yes, the heroes are the Masers
20% indifferent

MOTUC has seen the release of a number of licensed products. We were curious what licensed product released by the time of the poll you liked the most. Keep in mind, somehow the iOS video game slipped the poll. If the game was in the poll, we imagine it would have ranked very high as it has been a hit with many fans. Sorry about not including it!
What is your favorite licensed Masters of the Universe Classics product released to-date?

60% DC Comics Masters of the Univesre Classics comics
19% Mill Creek DVD releases
9% Icon Heroes letter opener
5% PopFun Toon Tumbler glassware
3% Disguise Halloween costumes
2% Skinit iPod cases
1% New Era head gear and hats
1% Funko Kookycraft paper craft figures

Speaking of the new DC MOTUC comic, fans have contemplated the release of variant covers for this series and past comics from MVCreations. We were curious where you stand on the issue.
Do you like variant covers for a printed comic?

40% no
26% indifferent
15% yes, but only one
11% yes, all variants are welcome
8% yes, but only a few

DC has released both printed comics and online comics for MOTUC. But Mattel also released several MOTUC mini-comics with the toys. We wanted to find out which you liked the most.
Which version of Masters of the Universe Classes comics is the best to-date?

48% mini-comics (came with MOTUC figures)
28% DC printed series
24% DC digital online comics

Mini-comics are definitely loved by fans. But we wanted to know how much your love would translate into extra expense for the line.
Do you want Mattel to continue making Masters of the Universe Classics mini-comics?

42% yes, but for no extra cost
38% yes, I would pay more for them
15% indifferent
5% no

Speaking of cost, we were curious where you drew the line on expense for MOTUC. The first poll is about how much you'd pay to get both a 2nd head sculpt and a mini-comic included with the figure. 35.00 was the price chosen as we're already close to 30.00 and it's doubtful we could get all those items for 30.00.
Would you pay upwards of 35.00 for a figure if it came with a 2nd head sculpt and a mini-comic?

56% no
33% yes
11% indifferent

After that, we thought about the current price for the figures as well as past prices and future prices. Where did you draw the line on cost?
How much is too much to pay per figure in a Masters of the Universe Classics subscription?

39% the current price of 25.00 per figure is my limit
25% upwards of 30.00 per figure would be my limit
10% upwards of 35.00 per figure would be my limit
10% 22.00 per figure was my limit and they are now too expensive
7% 20.00 per figure was my limit and they are now too expensive
5% upwards of 40.00 per figure would be my limit
4% I would pay more than 40.00 per figure

Expense has been a concern of fans, but so have a number of other issues associated with the MOTUC line.
What do you feel needs the most improvement for Masters of the Universe Classics?

42% Quality control at the factory (paint application, figure assembly, etc)
19% Digital River shipping (options for shipping, cost of shipping, returns, etc)
19% Digital River customer service (communication, response to customer inquiries, ability to contact DR, etc)
7% Mattel fan interaction (communication with fans, information relayed, addressing fan concerns, etc)
4% Fan feedback (forum and Facebook comments and posts from your fellow fans and collectors)
4% Bios (the stories printed on the back of the MOTUC toy packaging)
3% Four Horsemen sculpts (the design and sculpting of the toys)
1.5% Packaging (the packaging used on the MOTUC toy line)
0.1% Mattel development
0.1% Lack of POP
0.1% Inventory
0.1% customer service AND quality control both need major reworks
0.1% Availability for non-subscription buyers

Digital River has been the subject of many threads and posts over the years where fans expressed concerns and frustrations.
Should Mattel replace Digital River?

43% yes
30% no, but they should fix current customer service/shipping problems
21% indifferent
6% no, they are fine as-is

While there is discussion about things fans don't want, there are plenty of topics about things fans do want to see. Filmation has always been a popular topic as is the interest in more Filmation characters in the line. But those who disagree don't want to see Filmation characters taking up slots for other character incarnations, such as vintage toy characters. So we polled about a possible solution.
Would you like a Filmation Masters of the Universe Classics toy sub-line?

64% yes
18% indifferent
18% no

A subline would put additional strain on fan finances. But subscriptions seem to be vital to the success of the line. So for the main subscription we were curious how fans felt about the significance of the sub exclusive figure.
Should the 2014 Club Eternia sub exclusive figure be a fan demanded character (i.e. Shadow Weaver) or a more obscure, less demanded character (i.e. Wun-Dar)?

53% fan demanded character
33% obscure, less demanded character
14% indifferent

In terms of importance to the line, different incarnations of MOTU and POP characters mean different things to fans everywhere. So we were curious how you felt about the importance of some of the major MOTU and POP incarnations. The poll options were essentially a 1 thru 5 ranking:
1 - Not important
2 - Somewhat important
3 - Important
4 - Very important
5 - Absolutely required

How important is She-Ra: Princess of Power in the Masters of the Universe Classics line?
48% Absolutely required
16% Very important
13% Important
13% Somewhat important
10% Not important

How important is New Adventures of He-Man in the Masters of the Universe Classics line?
28% Not important
21% Somewhat important
20% Absolutely required
17% Important
14% Very important

How important is 200x (2002 toy relaunch / Mike Young Productions cartoon) in the Masters of the Universe Classics line?
30% Absolutely required
22% Very important
21% Important
15% Somewhat important
12% Not important

How important is Filmation in the Masters of the Universe Classics line?
54% Absolutely required
20% Very important
14% Important
9% Somewhat important
3% Not important

Finally, this brings us to the Most Favorite and Least Favorite choices of 2012. For this part of the poll, we did not include the December 2012 releases as many fans did not receive the figure by the end of the year which would reflect their opinion in the poll. For that same reason, we included the December 2011 release since many fans got those figures in January of 2012. So here are your top five choices in each poll, as presented by Pixel-Dan!

What is your most disliked Masters of the Universe Classics release of 2012?
Dishonorable Mention: Fearless Photog
5th: Sir Laser-Lot
4th: Vykron
3rd: Cy-Chop
2nd: Star Sisters
1st: Mighty Spector

What is your favorite Masters of the Universe Classics release of 2012?
Honorable Mention: Stinkor
5th: Windraider
4th: Sorceress
3rd: Draego-Man
2nd: Shadow Weaver
1st: Fisto

Thank you again to everyone who participated and have fun discussing the results!