MOTUC King Hiss

2013 is year of the snake!!!
The evil ruler of the Snake Men has returned better than ever, and has will have some new minions in the near future...

The 4H normally knock character designs out of the park, but I felt that King Hiss was a bit lacking. It ended up feeling, to me, like an hesitant design lacking the same character as the vintage figure. I had to make a better King Hiss for my collection because he holds a special place in my childhood heart. I can vividly remember getting the figure as a kid. After playing with him for an hour or so, his arm fell off and for a brief moment I was devastated to have broken the figure so soon, only to realize that he was supposed to come apart to reveal his snake innards. How freaking cool was that! He was such a surprise to me and was forever after one of my favorites.