Hello Everyone,

Been a He-Fan since 1983 and an avid collector since then but I am new to the forums so can everyone please be gentle with me.

I am trying to put together the production information for all of the figures in the classic range, I know figures were made in many different countires during the 6 year production run, Taiwan, Mexico, Hong Kong, India, France & Malaysia can anyone think of any others that I have missed out from this?

So what I am actually trying to do is work out what year should be stamped on the back of these figures next to their counrty of orign for example I know that a lot of first run series 1 figures released in 1982 the original 8 back line up came from Mexico but does anyone know of any of the original 8 back line up coming from another country?

Again same with later relases I know Scareglow is printed 1981 due to him coming from the same mould as probably Skeletor did in 1981 but can anyone compile a complete list of countries and the figures?

I am trying to do this to get a better idea on when countries began to produce the figures and what moulds etc were used for different series runs, For example does anyone know of any figure that came from Hong Kong that would be stamped 1981?

I appreicate this may be a tough question for people to figure out or people do not have time to respond to but any help that can be offered would be very much appreciated by myself as I try to get a clear image of this fantastic toyline in my head

Thanks for taking the time to read this post guys and I also thank everyone who may reply to me as yu guys are the fountain of knowledge on all things He-Man.