Here's "Part 3" of the Multi-Part MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE: "ORIGINS" Art Card Collection by Jafaristew! The project started off with the unpublished Whitman Origin characters as the basis, & before I knew it, I expanded the universe "art card idea" to include 50 (or MORE) MOTU characters from various media outlets since its inception. Next up is 2 mainstays, a fan favorite from Brazil, & 2 of the most obscure entries for this project!

AVATAR (aka STRATOS): Mostly Alcala influenced, including the rare blue-beard variant, as well as my own ideas about the character. He is one of Skeletor's minions in this story, following some of the earliest published works about the character! "Avatar" was noted to be an early name for Stratos along with "Wing-Man."

GORGONE: When I 1st decided to make this into a full series, Gorgone was the 1st character I added outside of the Whitman Origin, as she is a wonderful titan created in the Brazilian comics that I could not resist!

PRINCE IZOR: A very obscure character that was uniquely created for the bootleg MOTU Model Trem line, Prince Izor was planned for late in the series but I decided to include him now! You can see more about this figure here:! Special thanks to member Monteeg for his great photos!

SOLARA: Thinking outside of the box & into MOTU inspired lines comes SOLARA from the unproduced "Wonder Woman & Th Star Riders" line. This line was meant to compete with Sailor Moon in the 90's, & was even going to use some POP accessories & steeds. It's loose ties to POP & interesting characters led me to include the fiery Solara in my Origins Art Cards collection! You can find more info on WW&TSR here:

TORNADO (aka SY-KLONE): Based on 1 of Sy-klone's early drafts in the P&HF Vol.1 art book as well as his appearance in the mini-comic "Spikor Strikes!" "Tornado" was one of Sy-Klone's early working names.

Special thanks to my brother Poweredconvoy for the feedback, & enthusiasm!