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    Motu - A Hero Lost

    This MOTU story is set after He-Man and Skeletor have left for Primus. I have used various influences (mainly the story continuation from the MYP cartoon series) I also want to use a couple of fan characters which I will contact the creators to gain their permission before I post. I would like to say that I am not a writer but over the years I have been inspired by the excellent fan-fictions on here and decided to try and write a story of my own. I hope if you read you will enjoy. Many thanks for looking!!

    Masters of the Universe - A Hero Lost


    Despondos a dark, empty void in time and space with no escape and for centuries the prison of the evil Horde. Hordak sits on his throne, thinking & frustrated. This should not be his prison it was meant for his greatest enemies, King Grayskull and his Council of Elders. But when Grayskull had sacrificed himself the spell had reversed and sent Hordax and his minnions here. They had never aged from the day they were exiled and this was part of the torture of Despondos. Never to age, never to set foot on Eternia again. Sending King Grayskull here should have been the perfect punishment for him. But no it was he and his evil horde who have suffered.

    So many times he had tried to escape this prison and failed. He could still contact people on Eternia through his strongholds. First the warlord Prahvus who had been given horde technology in a hope that with a world without King Grayskull he could take over Castle Grayskull and find the key to release him but he was stopped by the new protector Vikor.Then there had been the wizard Keldor who's magical power showed much promise but he had started to get ideas of his own and when he needed saving after defeat at the hall of wisdom Hordak had planted an evil spirit from Despondos, the Demo-Man into the magic that turned Keldor into Skeletor in a hope of controlling him. But Skeletor had managed to unite with the spirit and destroy one of his stongholds. Then Evil Lynn attempted to release him at another stronghold the Well of Darkness but the new champion of Grayskull, He-Man had stopped her and destroyed the Well. But Hordax and the Evil Horde would not be denied.

    Then he feels it, his eyes burn red and power crackles around him "Shadow Weaver" he shouts in a evil and terrifying voice

    "Yes my lord" replies Hordak's main sorceress Shadow Weaver in a low raspy voice, as she floats over to her master almost ghost like. Her face covered but her yellow eyes burning bright.

    She bows in front of him "How can I serve you"?

    "The time has come for us to return to Eternia and for me to take what belongs to me. The power of the ancients and for the Horde to take their revenge on Eternia and the heirs of Grayskull" says Hordak almost smiling, showing his razor sharp teeth

    "How my lord we have tried so many times without success. What has changed"? replies Shadow Weaver

    "I have felt the power of the Ancients leave Eternia. That same power that was responsible for reversing my spell and sending us here as now left. I can feel the spell keeping us here weakening" say's Hordak almost excited at this turn of events

    "What do we need to do my lord"? replies Shadow Weaver

    "We need to reach someone on Eternia and guide them to my last stronghold, the Fright Zone and then we can return" says Hordak sitting back in his throne feeling his power growing stronger!!

    A cloaked figure approaches Hordak's throne "Will we be returning to Eternia, master"? comes a female voice from under the hood

    "Yes my child" replies Hordak in an almost tender voice for someone so evil

    "Then we will take revenge on the heirs of Grayskull for sending us here and for killing my parents, who had stood up to their tyrannical ways" says the cloaked female with so much anger in her voice

    "Yes my child we will take our revenge on the heirs of Grayskull and you will have your vengeance for the murder of your parents" Replies Hordak
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