Here is the place to talk about all the reveals during Mattel's official presentation!

Info from Mattel:

MOTU Club Filmation Series
Huge news! A new subscription is coming in fall 2013 with 6 all new figures from the classic Filmation He-Man® and She-Ra® animated series! Similar to last year’s MOTU 30th Anniversary series, these figures will ship July through December. Subscriptions are on sale February 11th 9 a.m. PT through March 4th 9 a.m. PT! The first three figures were just revealed, including:
Batros™: this minion to Skeletor® includes nonremovable wings, armor and mace
Icer™: this cold weather warrior comes with ice pick and staff
Shakoti™: this evil witch comes with mini-monster beast sidekick

Also revealed: Mantenna, Castaspella photo gallery
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