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Thread: Custom Figure #3: Stealth Man-At-Arms

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    Custom Figure #3: Stealth Man-At-Arms

    Hello, Fellow MOTU Fans!

    I have had the last 3 days off from work, so what do I do to celebrate this...make customs, of course! I just finished my latest figure, and I wanted to share him with y'all!

    This is my 3rd Concept Figure

    "The electrical powers of Eternia begin to diminish as a cosmic eclipse grows near. Worried that the Masters of the Universe may be vulnerable if the planet is without light or power, King Randor calls upon Man-At-Arms. The king requests that stealth armor be created for the defenders of the palace, and reserves of crystals be stored for future energy conversion. Duncan finishes the armor just as the planet is plunged into darkness. Fighting the forces of Skeletor with stealth armor, the Masters of the Universe battle to keep Eternia out of the clutches of the Lord of Destruction. Man-At-Arms utilizes Corodite, and Melatose crystals to power the suits of armor. Armed with a blaster cannon, laser pistol, electronic mace, and a host of other weapons, Man-At-Arms is ready to battle whatever comes his way."

    This figure is created using a Snake MAA buck and right arm; original MAA left arm; Duncan Variant Head; 200x Cannon; sculpted elements using "Green Stuff"; and a mace, short sword, and blaster gun from an original MAA figure.

    Primed, painted, and sealed with Plaid, Citadel and Tamiya paint products. It is housed in a Zoloworld case with custom packaging utilizing custom graphics.

    I just listed him on eBay as well, so I hope he gets a good home. I love sharing my artwork, whether it is on canvas or in action figure form.

    Let me know what you think

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    Great concept and execution! Thanks for sharing!

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