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Thread: Do you have every MOTUC figure?

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    Heroic Warrior AdultCollector's Avatar
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    Do you have every MOTUC figure?

    Excluding the very rare Spirit of Grayskull figure, how many He-Man and She-Ra fans can say that as of this month they currently own every MOTUC figure that has been released?
    This includes all beasts, the only vehicle released so far (Wind Raider), and Granamyr!

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    Heroic Warrior MrRoboto's Avatar
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    I put down yes but i forgot i don't have two DC v MOTU 2 Packs

    Does this 'all in' tally include Flocked Ear Moss Man too? If so, that's another i don't have...
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    Missing Flocked ears Moss Man besides of course the Spirit of Grayskull.
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    I did vote yes, but totally forgot about the Bizarro/Faker 2-pack..... sorry
    Where are the rest of my New Adventures Classics figures?!?!?

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    No Red Beast, We Riot! Whiplash7's Avatar
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    No. Although I have the majority of matty releases from the first few years, I've always been a cherry picker. I've stopped buying as much, and after this month I'll be even more selective. From the looks of things, very selective. And I've started selling off unwanted figures.

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    Heroic Warrior
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    I voted no as I'm missing:

    SDCC Bronze King Grayskull
    Flocked ears Moss Man

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    I said yes, but I am missing Bronze King Grayskull and a few of the DC vs MOTU figures.
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    While I essentially bought the entire collection last year, including all the beasts, giants, weapon packs, TRU variants, convention & sub exclusives...I still can't claim to have the entire collection due to technicalities. The only ones I'm missing are the ones that I felt are redundant or superfluous:

    1. SDCC Color Changing Orko: I don't understand why he was made since it's not really something that he ever did. Sure, he disappeared from time to time but he never became ghostly white and transparent. I made sure to get his regular version instead.
    2. SDCC King Grayskull: While the Grayskull backdrop is neat, I'm glad to see that we're getting the real playset soon. I don't need this version of him because I'm happy with the Matty re-issue that comes with the Orb of Power. If I have my facts straight, the main difference is the color of his cape and it's just not enough for me to spend the extra cash on him.
    3. SDCC He-Ro: I'd never display him with the SDCC stamp on his chest so it's just too nitpicky for me to get him. The other spell-stones are neat but green is my favorite color and that's the one I got!
    4. SDCC Bronze King Grayskull: He looks neat but honestly, I'd rather spend the money on the entire 2013 Filmation sub than this variant...They cost about the same! Especially since I could just buy an extra KG re-issue, repaint him, and essentially have the same thing at a fraction of the cost.
    5. Flocked Moss Man: Wasn't this a running change? I already have a good Moss Man figure and can't bring myself to hunting down this minor variant. I liken it to trying to get red-eyed, reversed shoulders 1st edition He-Man...It just serves no purpose to my collection.
    6. Castle Grayskull & Snake Mountain Stands: I might pick up a set of these someday but they aren't necessary to me. I'm still debating about the new tiered stands, though.

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    Cunning Opportunist Danavas's Avatar
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    I'm missing the Molar exclusive and Castle Grayskullman.

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    Lightning League Leader kylun flac's Avatar
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    I own them all!
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    Heroic Warrior Rodster6's Avatar
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    I skipped most of the variants and that dentist figure. I want to sell the Star Sisters too if I can ever find someone to take them off my hands for what I paid for them.

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    Yep, at least one of each.
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    [as of right now]... I am only missing the Bronze & Spirit Original King Grayskull's, limited Chrome/Silver She-Ra, and the snake mountain stands to have a 100% Classics collection.

    ..but to be honest, I dont really want any of those. So I guess I am 100%, lol.
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    No and I'll never be. There are just a few figures out there I don't care for....and if I don't like it I don't spend money on it (or I use it for trade fodder as I subbed this year to support the line )

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    Quote Originally Posted by AdultCollector View Post
    Do you have every MOTUC figure?
    No, I do not nor do I want to.
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    Heroic Warrior Seril's Avatar
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    No, but I'm close... I still need a Gygor and I don't have bubble power she-ra, though while I like a lot of the PoP characters I've never been a She-Ra fan, so I gave her to my wife. Never saw the need for She-Ra 2.0 in my collection. Also don't have the original Grayskull (any version)

    Otherwise I have every one else!
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    I don't have all motuc figures but I don't want to have them all. If you ask me "Do you have all motuc figures that you want?" Then I would answer I am almost there, I only need Roboto!!!

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    Snappy Threader
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    No for me. But soon I will............

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    SAY10 is coming... dedset13's Avatar
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    Yes, I have every MOTUC item to date. This is my dream line and I'll buy everything this line produces.
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    Heroic Warrior RocketPunch's Avatar
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    All of them apart from Granamyr, Roboto, and Battle Armour Faker.

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    Lord of the Patch baronterror's Avatar
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    Fort Wayne, Indiana, USA
    no but then its not because i dont technically want them all. id think this is a bit missleading in that id suggest it only represents the matty stuff and not including the tru 2 packs.

    i dont have merman, she ra, or faker 2 pacs but really should that count.

    to be fair i dont have tod sorceress (missed her but will tack one down) original sdcc grayskull (missed him but like spirit orb general release version anyway so do i really need the original rare expensive one?) or preternia he_man (only year i didnt get a sub but plan to get him)

    so really i got basically all of them and i got all of the normally released figures and items. those i missed im going to get except tnat original grayskull but that feels like it shouldnt count.

    i usually skip one figure a year i didnt initially want (when i didnt have a sub ) like zodzc stratos and hurrican hordak but then went back and got them.

    wont get flocked ears moss man but may just to use the second head. who knows.

    point is if the point of this exercise is to see who is a completest id say alot more of us want to be or intend to be (more or less) than in fact are.

    Got TOD Sorceress
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    I have every figure x2. one to open and one to keep moc or mib. I even have 2 of castle grayskulls ordered. I have no stands though. I think the stands are the only motuc item i don't have any of

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    Got Filmation? shadowfall1976's Avatar
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    Nope....nor do I want every figure.

    I will never see the necessity to buy every figure from a line, I don't have the money, room or desire to own every single figure, I collect more than MOTUC after all. There are some figures that I likely wouldn't own if someone gave it to me like Cy-Chop and Karatti, to me they are horrible looking things, nicely sculpted, but fugly characters. I'm not even buying Castle Grayskull because I don't really want, want it after seeing the pics, and The Filmation sub and the new Transformers Generations Metroplex speak to me way more, and will give me much more pleasure to own.
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    All Era-Warrior Barnster's Avatar
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    The only ones I do not own:

    - Zodac
    - Goddess
    - Wun-Dar
    - Granamyr
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    Except for Mo-Larr, Bronze King Grayskull, Color Change Orko, Flocked Ears Moss Man, and the two other He-Ro stone variants, I have every figure.

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