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Thread: Do you have every MOTUC figure?

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    Master of Shapeways He-bro's Avatar
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    I said no, I have every Character, but not every variant. (Bronze King Grayskull, Color Change Orko, Flocked Ears Moss Man, and some DC 2 packs.)

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    Almost. The only ones I've passed on were Laser-Lot, Cy-Chop, and Spector. And Mo-Larr and Snake MAA got chopped up for customs.
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    I dont have the Bronze King Grayskull variant "yet", but all other releases I am covered. I dont count the Spirit of Grayskull or Silver She-Ra.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Replikor View Post
    [as of right now]... I am only missing the Bronze & Spirit Original King Grayskull's, limited Chrome/Silver She-Ra, and the snake mountain stands to have a 100% Classics collection.

    ..but to be honest, I dont really want any of those. So I guess I am 100%, lol.
    I am in the same exact boat as you, but I do want the Bronze Grayskull.

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    Heroic Warrior Wundar_Grayskull's Avatar
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    I cherry pick, I have my favorites that I go after, but there are still more to come that I have my eye on, and hopes of being released.

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    Originally I planned to get every figure but the NA, Concepts and 200X (minus Keldor & Marzo) changed my mind on wanting everything so no.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MegaGearMax View Post
    Except for Mo-Larr, Bronze King Grayskull, Color Change Orko, Flocked Ears Moss Man, and the two other He-Ro stone variants, I have every figure.
    i'm in the same boat except i don't have any of the DC 2 packs.
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    Supreme Fudge Dynamo of Eternia's Avatar
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    I voted "yes".

    Here are a few 'gray areas', depending on how you count these things:

    He-Ro- I have 3 of him loose with all 3 stone colors. However, they are all the Matty version. I didn't get or want the SDCC version because the only difference was there being an SDCC logo on his chest under his armor, and I didn't want such a logo on the actual figure

    Flocked Ears Mossman- I do have Mossman (two actually). I wanted to get the flocked ears version, but he was SO limited that I missed out (he sold out in something like negative 3 seconds or something when he first went on sale), and the opportunity to get one at a reasonable price has never presented itself. Plus it's such a minor difference that it really isn't that big of a deal to me.

    For the other exclusives with variations, I do have both the SDCC and Matty versions of Orko since there was a difference in the actual figure. For Marlena and Vykron, I just got the Matty versions since I wasn't keeping them in the package and didn't care about the way they were packed out, since the contents of the packaging were otherwise the same.

    (I don't count the Spirit of Grayskull or the silver She-Ra figure since they were super limited).

    Aside from this, yes, I have every figure, including bronze King Grayskull and all of the DC/MOTU 2-pack variants.

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    Heroic Daddy to Hermione! Uki's Avatar
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    Yes, but I didn't count flock-eared Moss Man, Spirit or Bronze Grayskulls. (I do have the first version and the 2.0.)
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    I'm missing:
    Sperit of Greyskull
    Bronz Greyskull
    She-Ra TRU pk
    Zodak TRU pk
    He-Man TRU pk
    SDCC Hero/ variant
    Flocked ears Mossman
    Snake Mtn stands

    I don't consider my collection incomplete with out these variants or exclusives. No point in owning the same fig with only minor detail changes. I do consider color change Orko to be completely different than the reg release but not the package variant Queen Marlena.

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    Heroic Warrior
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    I cherry pick, so no...

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    MEAN GREEN MACHINE eternianturtle21's Avatar
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    no but im trying lol

    1.i don't have any of the orginial king grayskulls (regular,bronze,or spirit....working on getting regular version now) she-ra (if ya count that one)
    3.sdcc version of vykron (about to get this one soon too)
    4.sdcc polly pocket set (if ya count this too)
    5.there are 6 versions of he-ro i only have one (if ya counting all versions)
    6.flying stands (not really intended for classics but if ya count this too then no)

    i got both moss man's,all 2 packs,and everything else...(even the hot wheels cars and 4pk of them too)

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    Widget Derbs's Avatar
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    I still need the following:

    Shadow Weaver

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    Eternian Henchman motu77's Avatar
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    I voted yes but then I realized I don't have the flocked ears Moss Man or Color Change Orko. Other than those I have everything to include the Grayskull/Snake Mountain Stands and the DC/MOTUC 2-packs.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MegaGearMax View Post
    Except for Mo-Larr, Bronze King Grayskull, Color Change Orko, Flocked Ears Moss Man, and the two other He-Ro stone variants, I have every figure.

    With the exception of Mo-Larr (which I do have), it looks like you and I have essentially the same collection. Personally, I view mine as complete for all intents and purposes. And I'm happy to say, I don't regret a single one of those figure purchases, either!

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    I have every figure except Granamyr, and variants like phasing Orko, Bronze Grayskull, silver She-Ra,etc.
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    Old Man Jack Rhanen's Avatar
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    I just purchased DC-MOTU Stratos and now I may have all figures except SDCC variants (He-Ro, Orko & Bronze King Grayskull), hiper exclusive figures (Spirit of Grayskull, Silver She-Ra) and first 2-packs and stands. I actually have Grayskull stands but I did not like them
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    Heroic Warrior Mophead's Avatar
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    Dont have :

    The palace guards, Hurricane Hordak, Bronze King Grayskull, Color Change Orko, Flocked Ears Moss Man, and the two other He-Ro stone variants

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    Heroic Warrior
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    I voted no. There were several figures that I had zero interest in. Here are the ones I did pick up:
    Tela both Battel ground and the original
    He-man-DC MOTU 2 pack
    Evil Lyn
    Beast Man
    Merman-got in a trade
    King Greyskull
    Randor both the original and Palace
    Palace guards
    Snake men 2 pack
    King Hiss
    Tri klops
    Draego man
    Man E Faces
    Horde Prime
    Wind raider
    That's about it off the top of my head.

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    Heroic Warrior
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    Don't have Bronze King Grayskull, Color Change Orko, Flocked Ears Moss Man, He-Ro stone variants (not anymore), and Granamyr.

    Except for those I have every figure.

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    Heroic Warrior DC_WARLORD's Avatar
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    Do I have every MOTUC figure? No...not even close. I have a very small collection of them, but I truly love every figure I have!
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    Heroic Warrior HordeMonkey's Avatar
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    Nope, I'm missing:

    All the SDCC exclusive variants (KG, Orko, Marlena and Vykron)
    Purple and Red Stone He-Ro's
    Spirit of Hordak
    Flocked-Ears Mossman (Though does he really count? C'mon!)

    That's all I can think of, really. I don't care about any of them, except for Wun-Dar, Strobo and Spirit of Hordak. Been a subscriber every year, except for year one of the subs, which I now regret.
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    Heroic Warrior Nianotreve's Avatar
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    online with my office computer in Liverpool
    just bought a BA Faker online, so I'm almost there - still need a colour change Orko, & Flocked ears MossMan for the win!
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    Eternian Music Master mikethedrummer's Avatar
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    I have them all up to this point.
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