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Thread: Rank the NYTF reveals

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    1) Castaspella - She is amazing looking, I've been waiting decades for this version of Castaspella

    2) Shokoti - I think she looks great, like she just stepped out the cartoon.

    3) Icer - I'm a sucker for translucent figures.

    4) Mantenna - He turned out really nice, but I would have like a bit more Filmation, I like him as the goofy sidekick.

    5) Batros - He's only on the bottom because someone has to. He is very well done, and I can't wait to have him on my shelf.
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    Objectively, these would be my rankings.

    1. Castaspella. Probably one of the best-looking females in the line, beautiful sculpt, and cool looking accessories. She means nothing to me mind you, might as well be from Marvel Legends or some other line, but she's the best no doubt.
    2. Mantenna. The most un-motu-like character in the franchise gets his vintage figure turned into a MOTUC masterpiece. He's still a freak, but a well done freak.
    3. Icer. A pointless character, like the other 3 filmation figures, but at least it's a cool gimmick that translates into an okay figure.
    4. Batros. Not much to say, except that I'm ranking him 4th.
    5. Shokoto. Just not as good as the other figures imo. I really don't get how anyone is ranking this one so high.

    None of these characters mean anything to me, so it's not like I'm playing favourites, just calling it like I see it.

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    1. Mantenna
    2. Batros
    3. Shotoki
    4. Icer
    5. Castaspella

    I'm most happy to see Batros & Icer just because I know they would have had a more slim chance of making it over Shokoti, Castaspella & Mantenna. I know they would have made it. the more obscure are who I go crazy for.
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    Here are my rankings, but I am very excited about them all.

    1. NA He-Man
    2. Mantenna
    3. Castaspella
    4. Icer
    5. Shokoti
    6. Batros
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    01 Mantenna

    02 Castaspella
    03 Shokoti
    04 Batros
    05 Icer
    06 Galactic Protector He-Man (but we've seen him already)
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    1) Batros (really glad he is not horde: I hate horde!)

    2) Shokoti (Shakoti?). Nice female villain, perhaps the best out there in MOTU. Hope she's soon joined by Lord Mask.

    3) Icer

    4) Mantenna (not a fan of the horde, but like this figure, very detailed and "horrid")

    5) the POP gal whose name I promptly forgot.

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    1. Mantenna - Figure if the year, I'm calling it!
    2. Batros
    3. Shokoti
    4. Icer
    5. Castaspella

    Not listing NA HM as we've already seen him, but he does look amazing and I'm so glad we're getting all his armour
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    1. Mantenna
    2. Castaspella
    3. Batros
    4. Shokoti
    5. Icer
    6. Castle Grayskull
    7. NA He-Man

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    This is really hard to do as i like not just all the reveals from NYTF but all the figures we know that are coming our way in 2013. But for this purpose, i'll try and rank the reveals seen at NYTF...

    * Mantenna ~ When i look at Mantenna, i think of Mer-Man & Trap-Jaw and so on in terms of how they turned out and think the FH hit the nail on the head with him. I just hope come production time that they can get him to look the same!

    * Icer ~ I really like the look of this figure, so simply done but very effective IMO. Glad he'll be a part of the Filmation sub. Oh and we get the Staff of Avion too so that's another cool little bonus!

    * Castaspella ~ Another PoP Great Rebellion heroine to join the ranks! Of all the PoP heroines (bar She-Ra/Adora), Casta was the one i liked to have seen made and it's happened. Nice addition of the 'blast' accessory too!

    * Shokoti ~ Was on my list of most wanted Filmation characters and now it's a reality! Again, a simple look but i like it. Was definitely up there as one of my favourite Evil female characters after Evil-Lyn of course!

    * Batros ~ Glad that Batros will be a part of the Filmation sub too. Not my favourite Filmation character but one that'll definitely look good in my display for sure!
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    1. Castaspella Her face is flawless, the hair looks amazing and she comes with three accessories!!!! Im not her biggest fan and im more into vintage POP looks than FILMATION but she had those colors at the prototype, yes im very happy with her.

    2. Icer looks perfect, i love that his weapon is an ice stick, what else would he need? He is so simple but the FOUR HORSEMEN really made him look great and those new gauntlets and boots are genius! His episode isnt one of my favorites, Philip annoys me to death but Icer is kind of scary and tricky. His MOTUC figure caught me by surprise and i really like him.

    3. Mantenna looks freakishly cool. Those popped eyes with their veins are spooky, his four legs are awesome and his arms are muscular and fit the others but still he is skinnier. He came out great. My only problem now is, he is that fabulous that Leech will look out of place beside him....and im asking my self how will he fit into the standard blister card?

    4. Shokoti is exactly what i thought she would be. Straight out of FILMATION no added details but since it is a FILMATION sub who needs that and her design is one of the more spectacular anyway. I love her hair sculpt, or at least that part i have seen so far(I hope Peekablue will get something similar ). All in all she is awesome.

    5. Batros like Sho(Sha)koti he is very much spot on but he even got some details at his harness but i dont get his new weapon? But why not? I do like him.

    NA He-Man was fine for me as he were before but for all the fans who wanted him helmeted and better armored its the best news and the more accessories the better!!!!

    Castle Grayskull looks good to me. Im amazed how much details and accessories are going into one play set! The paintjob looks good, the secret doors are fun, the space suit is a suit, so why should it be a whole figure but i get why some are disappointed about that.

    My biggest issue is the throne and the fact that they honestly destroyed their own figure to give the illusion to MOTUC unknown people that the Sorceress could sit in her own throne. Thats lying. Almost a fraud. She simply cant. Or at least she cant for now maybe they will put in slots or at the back or what ever but for now she cant and we all know it.

    Now the grey sparkly mask...i would like to know who will come with that!?!
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    The 5 new reveals:
    1-Mantenna: 4 legs baby! no reuse? AWESOME!
    2-Castaspella: she's no Glimmer, but Holy Crap! I'm REALLY excited about her... Matty, you gotta reuse the heck out of that Magic blast and make differetn colored versions for other characters that could use a little magic!
    3-ShOkoti: She could have used a bit more of extra detailing to make her pop (not 200x Detail, but nice extra MOTUC additions by the 4H, like the kunai on Triklops back type of thing). Out of the Filmation 3 she's the best looking one... her buddy looks cute...
    4-GD Batros: IF I get him... He's destined to be the butt of many Bat-jokes.
    5-Icer: Meh... Staff of Avon looks cool though.
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    Castle Grayskull. Beautiful Sculpt..kinda hope they upsize it a bit but if not it is stil just a beauty and all the bonus stuff is awesome but it is disappointing the dungeon grate with the critters might not come in it.
    Mantenna..Awesome. Love every bit of him and can't wait to have him in October.
    The rest are irrelevant to me but congrats to those who are excited about them. No filmation sub for this guy. And I have a very small list of what I want left out there and these were not in them.
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    1. Shokoti
    2. Mantenna (would have preferred toy eyes)
    3. Batros
    4. Castaspella (would have preferred more toy elements)
    5. Icer
    6. NA He-Man
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    1) Mantenna - looks amazing, he's a great mix of styles. Perfect balance, imo. Still fits classics; still pushes our expectations.

    2) Shokoti - LOVE this lady's look. A nice D&D feeling figure and minifig, this will be a nice addition to the never before released figures. And finally another lady to display. So far Teela, Lynn, and Weaver are the only really good fits for me. Marlena's outfit got botched and Adora looks dumpy in the crotch. She-Ra looks good on Swift Wind though. Octavia might have dumpy crotch syndrome as well, but she has more going on, and doesn't seem like she would care.

    3) Batros - He turned out cool. I like him and will likely display him with a flight stand. Yay flight stands!

    4) Icer - He turned out okay. I hope he doesn't break, and I would display him if I went with a Filmation only shelf. Which will likely happen. Staff takes him out of neutral and slightly more into positive. When I see it in Statos' hands, it'll help more.

    5) Castaspella - Not going to hate on her, but the disk is silly (but removable!) and I never did care for accessories representing magic and stuff (like TP He-Man). Looks like a sticker as well, which is a big no-no for me. Unfortunately there is no place for PoP, and never will be with Filmation now taking the underdog display space.

    Grayskull looked great, and they maxed out NA He-Man, even though I don't care too much about him. We're getting Rattlor armor, that's cool, and somebody with a mask or somebody's mask. Huh, we'll see I guess.

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    1. Mantenna
    2. Castaspella
    3. Shokoti
    4. Icer
    5. NA He-Man
    6. Batros
    7. Castle Grayskul

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    1. Mantenna - Great sculpt that mixes the vintage figure, the Staction, and the Filmation versions. I loved this figure and his action feature as a kid, and I'm loving this translation. So glad they gave him 4 individual legs. Well done 4H! Well done! (Now Reuben - leave it alone. No switching parts to make him "pop".)
    2. Batros - I love this character and I don't know exactly why. I like the translation and the reuse of Spikor's weapon. I do wish that he would have come with a stack of books, but I can get those from a craft store. This was my personal number one want from Filmation He-man.
    3. Icer - Another cool (ha... ha... ha...) figure from Filmation. The furry boots and details are what made this figure stand out to me. Over all a nice sculpt and the ice pick weapon and the Staff of Avion just push it that much higher.
    4. Castaspella - I know my sister had her growing up but never really played with the She-ra figures she had. But this figure is great. I prefer these colors to the orange cremesicle of the original toy. I'm not jumping up and down for her, but she's a great sculpt and she will be a nice addition to my She-ra shelf.
    5. Castle Grayskull - Amazing sculpt. Disappointing size. The figures just look a little too small. It's like a 7ft tall person driving a mini-cooper. They fit, but it just doesn't look right. Everything else is absolutely amazing. But like many people here, I think they should have cut accessories and made the frame bigger.
    6. Shokoti - I just never cared for Sha-poopi. But at least we are getting her and Ram-man in the same year. Her minion is awesome. Shokoti is just a "meh" sculpt. I think they should give her Teela's arm gauntlets, just to give it a little more detail (like Icer's boots and Batros head).
    7. NA He-man - I'm glad he is getting everything the original toy had. I will still pose him as he was originally revealed. But that's just a preference. The armor and helmet look great.
    8. The new Bios. King He-man and the figthing Foe Men's Bios are cool. I enjoyed them. I like the information about Adam and Teela finally becoming a thing. And leading into the whole Dare storyline. I liked the explanation of how the Fighting Foe Men were able to fight in both eras. Then there was Karatti's Bio. That was HARD to read. It was like a 10 year old wrote it. Would be just fine for a 10 year old, not so good for a 30 year old.
    9. Dare Son of He-man sticker - I like it. I hadn't seen it before but I thought I would put it here.
    10. Stackable stands - cool idea. I'll have to get a few and see if they actually work. They look nice.
    11. MOC Bubble protetors - I don't display my MOC collection so nothing I need. But to those who would use them. I hope they work.

    ?? Mystery accessory - Cool looking helmet. I just wonder who's it is.

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    It's really hard, because I was thrilled, not just happy with, every one of the figures shown. But here goes:

    5. Icer- a figure I've wanted for years, and never quite got why Mattel didn't make him in the original line. An obvious re-use with only a few new parts. THe translucent plastic is the obvious choice for him, but fears of its quality are the one thing ranking him lower.

    4. Mantennae- were it not for the other characters shown, he could easily be the star of the show. Just about perfect blending of all of his iterations from figure to toon to staction. This one just got hit out of the park and into the parking lot of the NEXT park. All the detail in him is the Fab four at their best. I'd have to rank him as the best executed Horde figure to date.

    3. Batros- again, someone who might have had top rank without so much competition. The head is absolutely flawless, detailed and still looking like it stepped from the TV screen. Just shows that a few well done new parts mixed with existing pieces can produce a really stellar figure when the design and designers are both good.

    2. Shobootie- again, only a few new parts needed, but she, too, looks like the TV screen just spit her out. I can only hope Lord Masque is among the other three figures making up this sub-line. The villains from the only MOTU 2-parter are LONG overdue here.

    1. Castaspella- She had lots of competition here, but we have needed some of the main Etherian rebels for far too long. Another figure that looks like she just stepped from the screen, she is just about perfect. I know some folks will be disappointed we didnt get the toy version, but the Filmation design makes a much better figure, if not just because the color scheme is more eye-catching (orange, yellow and gold was a poor, lackluster scheme for the toy). Adding the disc for her back was a nice nod to the original figure, though. Im just hoping she isnt the only rebel well be seeing before the year is out. We still desperately need Glimmer, Angella, Sweet Bee, etc, to fill out the Etherian ranks. MOTUC is doing better than almost any other toy line I can name with giving us the ladies, but its still a little too much of a boys club.

    I have to say this is one of the best TF showings for MOTUC in a while. There may not have been a lot of figures revealed thus far, but they more than made up for quantity with the quality.
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    1) Castaspella - Now bring on more of the Great Rebellion
    2) Mantenna - Love it. Now we need Scorpia and Entrapta to finish the evil Horde.
    3) Shokoti
    4) Icer
    5) Batros

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    1) NA He-Man
    2) Castle Grayskull
    3) Mantenna
    4) Batros
    5) Icer
    6) Shokoti
    7) Castaspella
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    1. Mantenna
    2. Icer
    3. Batros
    4. Castaspella
    5. Shokoti

    Love the two-way NA He-Man, and Grayskull looks so incredible.

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    Here's mine:

    1. Castle Grayskull
    2. Mantenna
    3. Castaspella
    4. Shokoti
    5. NA He-Man (That armor is EVERYTHING)
    6. Tiered Stands
    7. Icer
    8. Batros
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    Castle Grayskull: (10/10) Amazing. Nothing more to say!

    Mantenna: (10/10) Exactly what a MOTUC figure should be about. Rooted in the vintage design but very consciously updated, brought up to today's action figure standards, and in-line with more matured, discerning taste.

    Icer: (8/10) Great, appropriately chiseled head sculpt. Simple, but well-executed design with great new pieces that totally sell the character. Overall a little too simple to make a bigger mark, though.

    Shokoti: (6/10) Decent figure, just lacking overall. Good head sculpt, but nothing to grab anyone that isn't someone who was already waiting 25 years for ANY figure of her.

    Castaspella: (6/10) Basically the same as Shokoti. These figures are further proof IMO that all of these characters cannot coexist without more artistic license taken with their designs.

    NA He-Man: (5/10) The added display options are great for value, but they already immediately lost a sale with me with the beyond-tired reuse of the same He-Man portrait. At least we have the Alcala Skelly head, so no excuse for not giving fans that same choice with He-Man.

    Batros: (3/10) Boring, waste of potential. Thoroughly unthreatening, and looks like a cosplayer. Another figure that divides the collection into "cartoony" and "non-cartoony".

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    5.NA He-Man
    6.Ratlor armor
    7.tiered stands

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    1. Mantenna
    2. Castaspella
    4. Icer
    5. Batros
    6. Castle Grayskull

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    1. Icer
    2. Mantenna
    3. Shokoti
    4. Castaspella
    5. Batros
    6. Galactic Protector He-Man
    7. Clamshells
    8. Tier Stands

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