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Thread: Rank the NYTF reveals

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    This is a tough one since many of these are highly desirable in my eyes.

    1). Mantenna - i was never a fan of the character but I can't deny the magnificence of this figure. It makes me wonder how much better Leech could have been - Grizzlor too, had he been fully sculpted, not furry.

    2). Batros - one of my all-time most wanted FILMation characters. He looks great. I don't understand why his accessory is a repainted mace, though. He's a fairly straight- forward sculpt, I would have thought he could have had a unique accesory design.

    3). Shokoti - she's above Icer on my list only because I've wanted her in figure form for so long. She has the Darkling as an accessory but I would have liked her to have something else. Maybe a power-burst accessory.

    4). Icer - simply great. It never occurred to me to make him translucent but it definitely adds to this figure. Makes up for his lack of armor. Staff of Avion is a great bonus.

    5). Castaspella - I'm not that into most Great Rebellion characters since I don't have much of a connection with POP. However, her face is absolutely beautiful. I am happy for POP fans and will happily welcome her into my collection since I am a completist.

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    1) Mantenna - What can I say? The last vintage Horde Member I owned that I need.
    2) Shokoti - Always wanted her in the MOTUC line since it began.
    3) Icer - Not too crazy about the translucent plastic now but I'll still get him.
    4) Castaspella - She looks good and I like the blue/yellow color combination.
    5) Batros - Not very crazy about his look but he's a villain. Very unfortunate he has a sock on his head.
    6) NA He-Man - Not interested in this guy at all.
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    1. Mantenna
    2. Shokoti
    3. Castaspella
    4. Icer
    5. Batros

    Overall I was really happy with all the reveals.

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    1. Castaspella
    2. Mantenna
    3. Icer
    4. Batros
    5. Shokoti

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    3.hopefully better ones for SDCC....

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    1) Shokoti
    2) Batros
    3) Icer
    4) Castaspella
    5) Mantenna
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    1. Mantenna - I couldn't have asked for a better interpretation. For me, this is a truly flawless figure.
    2. Castaspella - Beautiful face sculpt, great blend of cartoon style/toy elements. I wish all of the POP figures had been treated this well.
    3. Shokoti - While I would have love a bit more detail in her sculpt, she's a great figure, and a great surprise. And I'd love to see what that cape looks like on She-ra.
    4. NA He-man update - This was never an important variant for me, but I like the added armor/display options.
    5. Batros - I'm not really into many of these Filmation only characters, but I like the detail put into his headpiece and the overall design.
    6. Icer - Again, I have no attachment to this character, but I like the color of the translucent plastic and the detail on the head and boots. Both Batros and Icer turned out better than I would have expected.

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    5 batros. not a fair ranking because i really am more excited by him than shokoti in that id never have suspected he was comming. but he was never a must have but boy is he cool and am very happy to have him. funnily enough am super excited by his repaint spikor mace. was just thinking the other day i wish theyd reuse that somewhere its just to well exicuted of a design to only be used once. and that black and red just pop
    4 shokoti. want her, realy glad shes comming: a must have. but she never specifically excited me. always in my top 10 filmation characters i wanted, but usually only 9 or 10
    3 castaspella. just because she's beautiful and is my 4 most wanted rebel (after she ra bow and glimmer)
    2 icer. most excited by his reveal. only strongarm would have been more welcome.
    1 MANTENA. perfect blend of everything. i really couldnt see how they were going to make 4 legs work. shoulda known they could

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    1.Mantenna 2.Shokoti 3.Castaspella 4.Batros 5.Icer

    Honorable Mention: The Tiered Stands

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    1. Shokoti
    2. Batros
    3. Mantenna
    4. Castaspella
    5. Icer

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    The reveals are really cool.

    In order of preference:

    1) Mantenna is absolutely awesome! Much better than Leech or Grizzlor! They really managed to merge all the influences from the various era into one hell of a figure! I can't wait to see what the 4H would do with Scorpia or Modulok!

    2) Icer
    Beautiful. I was a bit worried with Icer since his characters' look was pretty simple, but this is figure is quite cool (no pun intended). The colour blue is electrifying. Much better than let's say Fang Man.

    3) Castaspella
    A great addition to the Great Rebellion! Again, I like how they mixed elements from the toy and the cartoon. The disc is a nice nod to the original figure. I also like that she comes with some energy blast. (I wonder how the disc is attached to her back and how the 4H will handle such backpack features for other POP figures like Angella or Peekablue)

    4) Batros
    Although I don't necessarily like the wings (they look a bit off...), I'm pretty happy to see this character in MOTUC. I wonder if they'll include some books with him...

    5) Shokoti
    I've never been a fan of the character (Evil-Lyn is the definitive Eternian bad witch to me lol). Still, I must admit that her figure looks incredible! I'm happy that fans who've been wanted her for ages can finally get her in toy form.

    Overall, cool figures and cool characters all the way! A much better selection that at SDCC. (I still don't get why they didn't reveal these characters at SDCC 2012... It would have been much easier to sell a sub with characters like Castaspella, Mantenna or Icer than Netossa, King He-Man or the FFM)

    I'm hoping for more Filmation characters in 2014 too!

    The only disappointment was that there was no NA reveal. We need more Galactic Guardians... I hope one of the remaining spot for 2013 is Hydron, Darius or Mara...
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    1. Mantenna - just amazing!
    2. Icer
    3. Batros
    4. Castaspella
    5. Shakoti
    6. NA He-Man

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    1. Mantenna
    2. Castaspella
    3. Batros
    4. Shokoti
    5. Icer

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    1. Mantenna (best looking reveal spot on)
    2. Icer (Awesome figure he looks great, plus Staff of Avion.)
    3. Castaspella (Don't like the wheel, but face sculpt is best female face yet!)
    4. Batros (Color is off on this figure compared to toon, but otherwise great looking figure. I would rather have seen another Filmation artifact than repainted Spikor mace.)
    5. Shokoti (Face sculpt needs to be more angular to capture the feel of the cartoon. Here it is too rounded off. What is with the female faces in this line? Kudos for Darkling accessory.)
    6. Clam Shells
    7. Tiered Stands (Not so tiered are they?)
    8. NA He-Man (Another awful variant thumbs down. This is not He-Man, but space garbage!)
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    5.N.A. He-Man
    6. Shokoti

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    1. Batros
    2. Mantenna
    3. Icer
    4. Shokoti
    5. Castaspella

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    5)Na He-man

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    This is hard to do, in my opinion. What makes it even harder is trying not to be bias!

    1. Mantenna - the only undisputed #1
    2. Castaspella - though I'm not a POP fan, but she looks incredible
    3. Shokoti - I think; not a fan, but she looks great too
    4. Batros - I like the way they did the wings; I love this guy (cuz he's Horde in my universe), but b/c of the blandness of the character, can't rate him higher
    5. Icer - the only character more bland than Batros; but great sculpt
    6. NA He-Man - but I'm totally not an NA fan and he was very well executed; should be higher up, but don't know where to put him
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    1. Castaspella - best news in ages.
    2. Mantenna - best 3D incarnation yet.
    3. Galactic Protector He-Man - best accessories.
    4. Batros.
    5. Icer.
    6. The General's armour.
    7. Shokoti.

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    1: Mantenna. This is a no brainer. Almost fully tooled, all 4 legs fully articulated, swappable eyes...seriously, what's not to like?
    2: Filmation Sub. Awesome idea and great way to get more figures into the line. I know last year was a tad overkill with the 30th Anniversary line, but these are figures the majority of the fanbase want! Totally different.
    3: Shokoti. I'm still in shock we're getting Shashimi. Shabooty. Ok, that joke never gets old. Never in a million years did I think there'd be a toyline that would give us this figure.
    4: Icer. Same as Shokoti. Love the character, love the figure. I'm glad that they fixed the welding issue. Wish they'd re-do Goddess now that it's been addressed.
    5: Batros. Another Filmation favorite figure. Hopefully they figure out a way to make his symbol swappable with the FFM, so he can have a proper Horde symbol. I like him as his own villain, but I like having more options even better. ;-)
    6: Castaspella. Don't get me wrong, she's not a bad figure or character, but for me, she's not as special as Mantenna or the Filmation figures.
    7: Castle Grayskull. Wasn't sure where to put this, but for me it will always be about the figures before vehicles or playsets. It's still amazing that we're getting it, and I get goosebumps every time I look at pictures of it. It's like I'm 5 all over again.
    8: NA He-Man 2nd Head and Armor. Yeah! I'm not sure where they found the tooling money for all of the figures this year, but I'm glad they did! NA He-Man is another perfect update of an NA figure. Bring on Hydron, Flogg, and Skeletor!

    I can't wait for SDCC now! By then we'll have Ram Man, Jitsu, Fang Man, King He-Man, Snake Face, Karatti, Octavia, and be on the cusp of getting Clamp Champ, NA He-Man, and Batros! Amazing! What an amazing line and amazing first 6 months! From the bottom of this fan's heart, thank you Toy Guru and Matty!

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    Icer: 10/10 - One of my most-wanted figures. I hope the final figure looks this good!

    Mantenna: 10/10 - Nicely done.

    Castaspella: 9/10 - Filmation colors are fine, but I prefer the thigh-high boot design from the vintage toy. Also, I would sacrifice the blast effect for an opaque shield.

    Galactic Protector He-Man: 6/10 - Vintage toy look improves this figure for me.

    Shokoti: 5/10 - Not a favorite character of mine, plus she could use some more accessories since she will cost ~$40 to the average domestic customer. Glad they are doing a Filmation subscription, but I have a feeling most of the character selection will be disappointing to me.

    Batros: 5/10 - Not a favorite character of mine, plus the bicep-attached wings and the too-long neck make him look silly. Would like to have seen an alternate display option with a Horde symbol. Filmation accessories would make more sense than a Spikor mace.

    Castle Grayskull: 4/10 - Seriously considering cancelling to send a message to Mattel, but probably I'll just keep one and resell the other. You win again, Matty! Not sure why I am surprised. On the other hand, it is impressive that the vintage version will retain its unofficial title as the greatest playset of all time.

    Seeing that TG left Celice out of the list of characters for the Castle Grayskull box art: 0/10 - I mean, you could conceivably use a screenshot from her episode as the box art, as opposed to some of the other obscure ones who did get listed but have no known connection to the castle at all. I think we all know the character selection will end up being close to the original box art no matter what happens with the voting, but at least put her in the list.

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    1. Mantenna
    2. Shokoti
    3. Castaspella
    4. Batros
    5. Icer

    They are all awesome though! I'm really excited and this is coming from a guy that generally can't stand Filmation. Between the character selection and the Four Horsemen's sculpts I'm seriously tempted to get a Filmation Sub.

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    1. Mantenna (After Ram Man and Jitsu, Mantenna and Two-Bad were my last absolute must haves. I was glad and surprised that one of my remaining must haves is getting made.)
    2. NA He-Man armor (Really glad they went the extra mile with what is considered ďjust a variantĒ. I donít even like NA that much but if his QC is top notch then he will definitely be my favorite He-man variant.)
    3. Clamp Champís abs (Really glad to see higher res pics confirming he will in fact have abs and not the smooth armor abs. Last time he was revealed, it was hard to tell. He-Bro will be in my collection at last.)
    4. Shokoti (This is one of the few Filmation figures Iím willing to pay for. She didnít appear a lot of episodes but she was at least a central character in those episodes as opposed to say Fang Man who was just a background character in the only episode he appeared in.)
    5. Batros (I would buy if the figures werenít too expensive for me.)
    6. Icer (Same as above.)
    7. Castaspella (Same as above.)
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    1) Mantenna
    2) Castaspella
    3) Shokoti
    4) Icer
    5) Batros
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