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Thread: Rank the NYTF reveals

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    1. Castaspella - she's awesome, and we need more POP, she's proof of that
    2. Mantenna - great, but needs those vintage bloodshot eyes
    3. Shokoti - wasn't much of a Shokoti fan, until now
    4. Batros - I don't even like Batros, but the Four Horsemen did great
    5. Icer - surprisingly simple and cool
    6. NA He-Man - looks much better with that '89 armor

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    Shokoti, Icer, Batros, NA He-Man armor, Mantenna, Castaspella
    "We shall see how you fare against the awful Clawful!"

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    1) Shokoti - one of my favorite episodes, she's near perfect. LOVE her little Darkling creature.
    2) Mantenna - Absolute perfection. He was no surprise at all. Rounds out the main Horde.
    3) Castaspella - Frosta was kind of a let down for me for being my most wanted PoP, Casta may over take her because of this figure!
    4) Icer - I thought he would be a boring figure with a decent gimmick, but he turned out GREAT! Love the color, the fur details, the weapons, the face!
    5) Batros - Great figure, not too big on the Spikor mace repaint, but what else do ya give him? Love the head, feet, and esp the wings on this guy.
    6) NA He-Man - Not MY He-Man but he looks sooooo much better armored up. Almost makes me look forward to an NA Skeletor.
    BLK FLWR!!!!

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    1. Shokoti
    2. Batros
    3. Casta
    4. Mantenna
    5. Icer

    All of them are near perfect.

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    1. Mantenna
    2. NA He-Man-now with helmet and armor an awesome figure, brings back memories
    3. Shokoti-one of my faves from the Filmation cartoon
    4. Icer-looks, ugh, cool
    5. Batros-
    6. Clamshell Cases
    7. Castaspella-I'll sell her
    8. Stackable stands-worthless with that height, the potential is great, the execution is not

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    1. Mantenna - Perfect
    2. Icer - Very very cool, looks very good
    3. Shokoti - Very good Filmation to MotuC Transfer
    4. Batros - OK
    1. Castaspella - ok, too
    6. NA He-Man - I do not need NA, He is actual dispensable

    I say welcome to more Filmation

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    Ranking the Character Reveals:

    1) Mantenna - simply perfect in every way!!! Time for a new #1 most wanted for me
    2) Icer - love the translucent plastic - he is one of my favorite Filmation baddies!
    3) Shokoti - perfect translation of the Filmation appearance - really nice figure!
    4) Batros - really cool, but hope the wings get dressed up a tiny bit - maybe some shading in the final figure - otherwise perfect imo.
    5) Castaspella - beautiful figure!! loving the spell casting accessory - much needed for her and many others that have already been released!!

    Overall, favorite reveal - CASTLE GRAYSKULL!!!!!!! Off the charts awesome!!!!! I truly do hope design drops the drawbride down to the level of the base though to allow for figures to easily fit through the entrance. Should be an easy fix!! Also, it wont be complete imo until Mattel sells the add on 3D sculpted dungeon piece!!!! That was what REALLY got me excited when it was first shown as it is AMAZING!!!!! Grayskull without that piece will be incomplete, period. Even with the minor drawbacks, getting a MOTUC's Grayskull is a dream come true and I am SO glad I preordered several!!! Best Playset EVER!!!!!!

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    1. Castle Grayskull!!
    2. Filmation Sub!!!
    3. A great set of new figures!

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    01 Mantenna
    02 Castaspella
    03 Shokoti
    04 Batros
    05 Icer

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