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Thread: What characters are in the MOTUC list and you don't know who is it !

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    WOW! That's awesome that you collected pic of all those characters! Sersei is Evil-Lyn's disguise in "siren's Song" in the 200x MYP cartoon. Also, you have a picture of regular She-Ra where it says "Starburst She-Ra."

    I'm surprised Melaktha wasn't on the list, since he was in several episodes - far more than some characters who had action figures made of them! Meliak, the cyclops from NA would also have been a good possibility - he was in multiple episodes. I also would have liked to seen Felka, Slush Head's wife, listed too. He-Slave would have been great too - the NA version of Faker - and who wouldn't want a sword with the same base as the skull on NA Skeletor's staff???
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