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Thread: Are you happy with the size of the entrance of Castle Grayskull?

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    Are you happy with the size of the entrance of Castle Grayskull?

    March 1, 2013
    Quote Originally Posted by Toyguru View Post
    We are actively working on the following changes from what was shown at NYTF: [...]
    4. Lowering the Jaw Bridge door into the base for a taller opening

    Quote Originally Posted by DroothR View Post
    The front doorway being WAY too small is my only real issue with the prototype.
    Fix this one (glaring) issue, and I'm good.
    Quote Originally Posted by Grayskull's Heir View Post
    We need a bigger entrance (and a thinner base)
    We need just few inches and the castle will be perfect!
    Just look at these pictures!

    He-Man's head is touchin' the teeth of the Castle!
    Just few inches and look how Castle Grayskull Man already looks perfect near the entrance!

    But if it's not enough just look at this picture: the Four Horsemen can find a way to have a larger entrance, without the base the problem is solved!

    Look at the difference!

    Quote Originally Posted by Kontroller View Post
    I've thought of an "easy" solution for the infamous CG small entrance: add a lower part to the jaw bridge, make it a little taller and "carve" the rocky base underneath. The problem at the moment is that once open the door gets in the way (like a step) in the entrance and takes away too much space. Result: the figures aren't able to pass through. By "carving" the rocky base underneath the spot where the jawbridge "falls" when it's open and by lowering the hinge, the door would not become a "step" any more and about an inch will be saved. This would allow the figures to pass and would not be too bad design-wise. What do you think?
    Raw photoshop example:
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