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Thread: Modulok, Multi-Bot, Crystal Falls, + POP figs for Sale

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    Modulok, Multi-Bot, Crystal Falls, + POP figs for Sale

    For Sale:

    Modulok (complete + extra parts/ enough parts to make two Moduloks plus extra pieces) *UPDATE: Modulok SOLD*
    Multi-Bot (missing two of the neck connectors- but displays well without these. The toy originally came with five neck connectors/ note: he still assembles and displays well and is in excellent shape). *UPDATE: Multi-Bot SOLD*

    Crystal Falls (complete with box, instructions, and all accessories/ parts. Box is in excellent shape with only minor shelf wear. Bright colors on play set and box. Stickers have been applied but most of the plastic accessory pieces have never been removed from their plastic holder. Soft goods are in great shape and show no discoloration. Note: there are a few very minor scuffs on the play set above the mirror, but once assembled, these are mostly hidden by the blue clam tier pieces.

    Bow (complete)
    Double Trouble (complete)
    Frosta (missing comb)
    Peekablue (missing comb)
    Glimmer (missing comb)

    All figures are in excellent shape with little to no wear. Double Trouble is fresh off of the card. Frosta and Glimmer still have the plastic clear bands around their hair/ ponytails.

    Thanks for looking and PM if interested! Sale limited to inner U.S. residents. Absolutely no international transactions.

    Paypal accepted. See attached images.

    I'm looking to get around $20 per figure, and maybe around $130 for Crystal Falls. If you are interested in the entire lot, I'm negotiable and can work out a deal with you. Thanks again.
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