I'm totally fine with the balljointed tentacles. At least we *know* they won't deteriorate with time!

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I imagine part of the issue is that even though figure X's material might be okay right now, it may not stay that way. And that doesn't guarantee that the material for figure Y WILL be okay. Part of the problem is that the plastics and materials available these days have changed formulas in some cases. Even if you knew exactly what plastic was used on Sssqueeze, say, you might not be able to get it now.

I think it's a bummer too and I wish they could make it work, but I am happy with how Octavia worked out. My hope for Sssqueeze is, if they can't make bendy work, that they include interchangeable arms. One pair could be very elongated. Another pair could wrap around in a coil. Those are the two basic modes I'd need. And I think it'd be worth the extra effort since that's Ssqueeze's main "thing."
Toss in a pair of normal arms, and I'm all for it!