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Thread: Eternia and it's price point ??

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    Hi everyone thought I'd chime in here.
    I agree and disagree with everyone. In a polite way of course.
    It pretty much comes down to different strokes for different folks.
    Personally I'm pretty happy with my loose collection of MOTU
    I have some MOC as well But it's only the original He-man I'm really attached too.
    I collect G1 Transformers as well. But I actually enjoy being able to play with them.
    So even if it was AFA 10,000 wouldn't matter because I'd let someone else have it for a slightly beaten up one I can play with.
    But a good example of pricing comes from the wife want's me to sell it. Better know as a getting married sale.
    If someone offered me a ridiculous price for my collection it's theirs cause I could re acquire the items again.
    For me part of collecting is acquiring these desired items below retail.
    There's people out there with deep pockets though, and they want these items and are prepared to pay for them.
    That's how dealers make a living. In the end it just comes down to what two people are willing to bid their life savings at.
    But to call this stuff useless colored plastic is pretty harsh. Motu is a big piece of history to a lot of us along with any other toy lines we collect.
    it's like any collection of anything. The more people want it the higher the price. There's all sorts of things out there that people seem to pay unjustifiable amounts for. But I guess if you gotta have it you gotta have it.
    But I also agree with the get yourself a loose collection for $200.
    You gotta buy bulk lots trade and sell but if your savvy about it you can collect on the cheap.
    I saw a really nice complete collection go for $3000 only a week ago or so on ebay.
    Eternia Grey skull snake mountain all US figures and variants. Didn't have all the vehicles and play sets
    Heaps of card backs and comics. Probably someone from here's collection. But a pretty fair price for all involved.
    I built my collection up on the cheap, I don't have everything but there's very little on my wants list.
    For example I took a risk on a 0 feedback user on ebay and picked up my MOC He-man for $60
    Awesome score. Where as some might say you paid what! At the time loose ones would sell for 30-50 and still do.
    Grading is subject to opinion though. I think it's a wrong that people would de-box their AFA and send it in for a better grade.
    I mean technically it should be worse. But people pay $300 for jeans too.
    Or $80 for a hat. Just Imagine if you collected rare vintage Cars you'd want deep pockets.
    So put your items up for sale name your price. Buyers pay what you want.
    10k for MIB Eternia pretty steep but if the guys willing to wait for a buyer he will probably find one.
    Whats his email LOL JK.

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    dumbest thing I've ever seen: afa graded 3rd party sega genesis ac adapter

    some people have more money than sense

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    I saw a rubber duck go on ebay once for over a hundred dollars.
    It had a story that it was possessed or magical in some way.
    The story was funny (The Description) well written who knows I'm sure someone remembers that.

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