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Thread: Quality Time?

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    Quality Time?

    Moving around and playing with my MOTUC figures tonight, I discovered something: I've never actually posed or done anything with Castle Grayskullman, who was released in November. It's now almost June! Sorry Daniel! Normally when I open my monthly figure(s), I take them out of the packaging, make sure all of the joints work correctly, pose them and play with them, and then up on the shelf they go. Tonight I realized that I hadn't done that with Castle Grayskullman, or several of the figures I've gotten over the last 6 months. Hell, Sorceress and Fisto still seem new to me and that was over a year ago!

    I can't be the only one who this has happened to! Do you guys and gals spend some quality time with your figures, or do they just go up on the shelf once opened. I already know the answer from those that keep their figures MOC, not that there's anything wrong with that. I've always been an opener though, and the thought that I hadn't actually played with some of these figures from this property that I love so dearly kinda hit me like a bus. So I'm making it a point tonight to take several figures down and pose them/play with them! It's going to be a good night!

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    As for my Castle Grayskullman, he got covered in dust during some recent home repairs... and it makes him look COOLER, like he'd been abandoned in a castle basement!

    I always try to give toys some time before they go on the shelf. My coffee table is a mess.

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    The ones I really love get quality time on my desk before they get shifted to the shelf. The ones I feel MEH about go directly to the shelf.

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    General order of events:

    - OH MAN NEW TOYS: these things stick by me for awhile. Usually on my computer table somewhere or right next to me on the couch sumthinlikethat. I'll usually be picking them up often (like when the wife and I are watchin' a movie 'n whatnot).

    - THESE ARE IN THE WAY: There's a certain point where they are taking up space being right next to me all the time. They're still new to me, but man they gotta move.

    - Okay...okay you gotta move: On to the toy room, but not yet in the storage drawers. I want 'em out still, but not takin' up space around the table or couch. In the apartment that meant it was kinda...on the floor somewhere around my picture takin' table, but in the new house I've got a little tower of shelves for to-be-reviewed things and hey-I-don't-wana-put-this-away-yet junk.

    - TO THE DRAAAAAWERS!: They uh...they go in the storage drawers. I'm running out of room.

    Now of course there are exceptions. Some of them get taken back out and they find thier way back to my side on the couch, like FISTO or recently King He-Man ('cause he brings the awesome). Some of them are constantly hanging around the picture takin' table because they are almost in every MotUC photoshoot, like He-Man and Wun-Dar (the bros) or um...FISTO, again. Also MAN KING, even though he hasn't been in anything in awhile.

    Otherwise, things will usually be played with then some big photoshoot goes down. There will be a pile of figures, then I end up taking out more and blahblahblah you get the idea. It's a cycle.
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    Mine follows a similar sequence of events. They sit out near me for a bit (The FFM and Karatti are on my desk now) and then eventually they are moved to their proper shelf in the toy room.
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    After the "inspection" I will pose em, play with 'em when I take them down to my toy room where usually older toys get some pose an play time as well...also there may not be Saturday morning cartoons anymore...but Saturday AM is still playtime every week...

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    Sometimes when I'm playing piano I'll grab some figures and place them at my desk. It's cool to just admire them individually away from the rest of the collection. I always come up with stories of how they would be introduced in my own storyline.

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    Are you kidding me?!

    My "man cave" is, really, more like a 'cartoon/comic/video game/action figure lovers cave!'

    90% of every action figure I buy, I buy a duplicate to open and enjoy over and over again. My MOTUC's have a high priority level, so they all have a permanent home on one of my main display shelves. Then there are the variant MOTUC figures (e.g. BG Teela, Alcala Skeley, Blue Mer-Man, etc...) which are given another shelf all their own - along with a gob of comics! These are closer to the ground, so naturally they get tons of "play time" while I constantly pose and repose them - creating a new display all the time.

    Yes, it takes A LOT of room, but I am an unashamed toy-lover! Much to my wife's chagrin, if it's cool, then I collect it! Just sitting here typing at my desk (also in the "play room") I am joined by He-Man (of course!) Lion-O, Marcus Fenix, Kratos, Mario, Link, Gash Bell, Dante, 200X Sorceress, Mega Man, Raziel, Duke Nukem, and Demitri Maximoff!!----- and that's just on the desk, lol.....

    In short, yes, there is much quality time with, not only MOTUC, but many other friends as well!

    Great thread!
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    Typically for MOTUC I wait till My son can open them with me. We open them together and I let him check them out before posing them and putting them on the shelf. It's the only time they get played with.

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    Alexx has explained my sequence pretty well, though I tend to cycle old stuff onto the coffee table, too.

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    I take my favorite figures to work so I can consult them on important business matters. I find them patient listeners and always willing to talk through company problems. I'm trying to get them added to payroll but HR insists they don't have the proper employment documentation.

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    I don't play with mine really, I have reposed a couple, but for the most part they have been in the same poses since they came out of the package....October last year for a majority of them. Now, I do pick a few of them up and put them on the coffee table so I and my son can admire them from time to time, but I don't pose and repose them. Hell in my collection room I don't even have to dust them, if the door stays closed when I'm not just looking at them, all is well.

    Now as far as Grayskullman, I've discovered when initially trying to pose him, I don't like doing poses with him, his head looks too far down in any pose other than head, that's how I pose him, and left him. Other similar figures like Keldor also stand in a straight on pose....I don't have them in heavy action poses, so actually the straight forward poses fit in nicely.

    All my figures stand side by side in their order of release (as if they were hanging side by side still carded), not in lumps or groups in battle standing straight poses are just fine by me. That is the only way I like my stuff displayed loose, otherwise I'd much prefer them to be carded. They take up a little more room, but I much prefer to see every detail of every figure instead of just heads in a crowd or them from the chest up.
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    First thing I do when I get a new MOTUC figure is take it out and mess around with it. The posability makes these figures outright fun, and I love trying to find just the right pose for each figure before actually putting them in the display.

    If I can't immediately get my grubby little dragon paws on the figure and play around with it, it wouldn't be any fun at all...
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