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    Hey fellow .org people. Just dropping in to ask you to think about stopping by to discuss all things retro at Photog Smurf recommends you do.

    In the past 3 months, RetroDaze has grown! We have gained almost 60 members, almost 30 member written articles, almost 900 member submitted "retro" videos, and lot's of forum discussion.

    We continue to get the word out via other retro sites, advertising, and word of mouth.

    We've given out $150 in prizes so far (with much more to come).

    And, we have added many new features and fixes since the initial launch of the site.

    The next big feature will be our "RetroDaze Public Domain Theater" feature. Within the next week or two, we will be premiering our first viewing in the theater! So please join up and be a part of this event!
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    Cool site, man. I'll probably try spending some time there this evening.
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