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Thread: What do you think about *SPOILER* possibly being killed off in G.I. Joe Retaliation?

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    What do you think about *SPOILER* possibly being killed off in G.I. Joe Retaliation?

    What do you think about
    possibly being killed off in G.I. Joe Retaliation?

    I think it is a big mistake. Isn't
    supposed to be the main character opposite Cobra Commander?

    I know they are hoping "The Rock" will draw in fans as Roadblock but he isn't supposed to be a lead character. I can see Bruce Willis being the lead character, but I think it would need a little more. If there were to be a third movie what direction would they have to go to make it work?

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    I'm hoping he is still killed for two reasons; He's a bland character and Tatum's voice was grating in the first movie.
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    Well according to my friend who has been watching the news feeds it has been hinted that some of the REAL reasons why the movie was postponed was:

    1. due to the success of Magic Mike Tatum was asked to return to re-shoot some scenes (and I'm sure contractually)
    2. this was due to the chemistry between him and The Rock which may even actual alter the movie and keep him alive rather than apparently dying in the attack.
    3. the re-edit for 3D excuse was used as a smokescreen to cover for these re-shoots of Tatum.
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    I thought the 3d excuse was because it would have flopped being up against Dark Knight Returns tbh.
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