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Thread: He-Man and She-Ra In Space: Who goes with?

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    He-Man and She-Ra In Space: Who goes with?

    I'm always thinking about different ideas for the mythos and how to make storylines fit or progress the line as a whole. The New Adventures is one of those storylines/aspects of the mythos that the Classics line has made seamlessly mesh with the classic Masters mythos. Skeletor goes off into space to conquer the Horde Empire. He-Man and She-Ra, brought to the future by Hydron and Flipshot aboard Starship Eternia, follow him. My question is, who from the classic MOTU/POP universe would you have go with them? Would Skeletor take some of his warriors? Kinda neat to think about, isn't it??

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    - Glimmer goes with She-Ra. Her father, King Micah, was a prisoner on Horde World and left Etheria (once he freed himself) to stop the Horde. Glimmer would want to see her father again, and this could be her chance!

    - Sweet Bee is FROM space and I'm sure she would come in very handy. She's traveled all over the galaxy, looking for a new home that's suitable for her Hive. She probably has come across Primus before.

    - Star Sisters - they came to Etheria via a meteor and, like Sweet Bee, are from space. Their powers and knowledge of what lies beyond Eternia/Etheria could prove very useful.

    - Roboto - He-Man needs a robot. Robot's don't need to breathe in space. Great for repairs if anything happens to Starship Eternia.

    - Sy-Klone - He has built-in, space radar!

    - Faker - Skeletor could use this non-breathing lackey for ship repairs too...and if he needs a He-Man doppelganger...he's got one!

    - Tri-Klops - Skeletor's inventor. He'd come in very handy.

    People who AREN'T going:

    Frosta - has a kingdom to run.

    Castaspella - same.

    Evil-Lyn - sees the opportunity to take over Eternia while Skeletor and the Horde are preoccupied.

    Teela - Captain of the Royal Guard and is the new Sorceress.

    King Randor and Queen Marlena - Rulers of Eternia, plus we know they stayed via the bios.
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    agree with all above.

    also not going is fisto. i see him being jitsu's main rival.

    i could see manefaces and ramman going. could be the old he ro son of he man desigs can be retcon explained as their na evolutions. or not heheh.

    i dont particularly see any skelly cronies going at all. but why not? still dont see it. space is a new break. perhaps some hordesmen join skelly? that i could see.

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    Moss Man- He produces oxygen, nuff said

    Stinkor- He & Slush Head would make a great team, since Slushy wouldn't smell him.
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    I'd like to say...

    1. Clamp Champ: as he will be one of the most understandably hated Masters, and this will develop his character more.
    2. Sy-Klone: His abilities and Gar technology will prove useful
    3. Man-E-Faces: His personalities will help in the battle.
    4. Rio Blast: His abilities will be a major asset
    5. Bow: Although he will leave his love Glimmer, he will help Adora which will leave Glimmer to defend Bright Moon and begin a relationship with... SeaHawk
    6. Sweet Bee: Maybe be sweet, but the B' on Starship Eternia is not to be taken lightly!
    7. Tallstar: the only Star Sister who goes.

    Skeletor would probably not take anyone since he "Powered up" and pretty much left the planet on his own.

    Plus I also have ideas for changing some of the MOTU and POP line-ups as far as who would possibly stay and on Eternia and Etheria.
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    All I can think about is how lonely Cringer must be.

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