Nearly five months after his 'reveal' Power Con, I'm finally getting around to actually making a thread on this guy. In addition to life, part of the reason being he's pretty tough to get good photos of him. Figured I would just put him on here with what I had. He's become one of my favorites in my custom collection, the way I see it is these two demonic creatures were somehow spellbound together, forever to be inseparable and wreak havoc together. I'm sure they could be separated and defeated by He-Man somehow, maybe with the help of a magical companion. (Definitely not Orko)
Knight's recipe consists of Draego Man base figure and armor, Buzz Off tentacle things, gloved hands, Fisto belt, Roboto knees and shins, Draego feet, and the axe is a gas station toy find. His head is a modified Space Ace helmet with DCUC Despero head, recast as one piece. I used this same head for my custom Laser Lot alternate evil head which were available for a short time at Power Con. Unfortunately I didn't get to keep one for myself and haven't made a second batch so I don't have any pics. His shield is a cast of my full sculpt I originally used for my MOTUC Sun-Man.
Mare's recipe is Swiftwind, Gygor armor for face mask, Battle Cat saddle and Draego Man wings.

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