View Poll Results: Which Accessories Would You Prefer to Cut from the Final Castle Grayskull?

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  • Banners

    2 2.04%
  • Flag

    4 4.08%
  • Candle Holder

    8 8.16%
  • Gun Turrent

    3 3.06%
  • Training Device

    7 7.14%
  • Wind Raider Base

    83 84.69%
  • Ladder

    13 13.27%
  • Grayskull Robot

    10 10.20%
  • Throne

    0 0%
  • Dungeon Shield

    2 2.04%
  • Throne Room Shield that holds the Twin Swords of Power

    3 3.06%
  • Orb Holder

    10 10.20%
  • Door that conceals the Orb Holder

    8 8.16%
  • Weapons Rack Mace

    7 7.14%
  • Weapons Rack Gun

    7 7.14%
  • Dungeon Cell

    8 8.16%
  • Dungeon Holding Chains

    2 2.04%
  • "Roboto Room" TV Screen

    3 3.06%
  • "Roboto Room" Computer Terminal

    3 3.06%
  • Throne Room Computer Terminal

    5 5.10%
  • Removable Handle

    18 18.37%
  • Removable "Pawn" Minaret

    5 5.10%
  • Bat Jetpack

    36 36.73%
  • Elevator

    4 4.08%
  • Trap Door

    3 3.06%
  • Other (Please explain)

    5 5.10%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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Thread: What Would You Cut From Castle Grayskull?

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    Heroic Warrior Micro-Man's Avatar
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    What Would You Cut From Castle Grayskull?

    One thing that got my attention from Pixel Dan's CG video is that Toyguru didn't guarantee that all the accessories presented at NYTF will make the final cut by SDCC. It's a bit disappointing to hear but after compiling the list of extra accessories, I can see that it's a lot of stuff to include and I wouldn't be surprised to see some items pulled from the final castle. So I wonder: Which items would you prefer to see cut, if you had to let some go?

    Vote for as many items as you want...Or don't want...Sigh, you know what I mean, heheh!
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    Alcala Idolator Crusader's Avatar
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    I don't care for:

    - Windraider base
    - Ladder
    - Grayskull robot
    - all the stupid terminals
    - removable handle
    - bat jetpack

    I'd happily trade those for the dungeon grate
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    Guardian of Grayskull zodak74's Avatar
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    Point Dread
    Get rid of the pointless and nonsensical Wind Raider base, for sure.

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    Heroic Warrior Micro-Man's Avatar
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    Here are my votes:

    Wind Raider Base: There's only one vehicle that belongs in Castle Grayskull and it's the Talon Fighter!
    Grayskull Robot: He's cool, I know...But I'd rather see the empty shell scrapped and have them release POG Gladiator as a full figure later on (Traveling Con Exclusive?) and tie him into the story as the Grayskull Robot so we have a fully articulated version!
    Throne Room Computer Terminal: It just looks like the Grayskull Robot's boombox to me, heheh!
    Dungeon Shield: I can put Castle Grayskullman's shield there instead.
    Weapons Rack Mace and Gun: They can be included in the upcoming Weapons Pack, along with some more silver weapons!

    Crusader, I like how you think...If all that could afford us the Dungeon Grate, then that would be a good trade!

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    Heroic Warrior Man-E-Toys's Avatar
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    New York
    I voted:

    Wind Raider Base
    Orb Holder
    Door that conceals Orb Holder
    Removable Handle
    Bat Jetpack

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    Heroic Warrior MrRoboto's Avatar
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    Jan 2010
    I put my vote down for Other, as in i don't want to see anything further cut if it came down to it. It's bad enough those tools at MTV Geeks had shown the picture with the dungeon(?) door that will apparently only be a sticker. I wouldn't mind Mattel swapping that WR base for the dungeon(?) door rather than use a sticker!
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    SUBSCRIBE OR DIE!!! mick4metal's Avatar
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    none!!! We got screwed on the size and now they want to take more away. People stop taking the abuse. Tell Mattel to go south of heaven.

    By the way I canceled my Grayskull order. Scott said if you don't like it then cancel. That's what I did. Just returning the wonderful attitude he feeds us.
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    Heroic Warrior Replikor's Avatar
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    KY, USA
    EASY!!! Ditch that STUPID wind raider stand!!! 3D Dungeon sculpt instead please!!!

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    That guy Sir Reilly's Avatar
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    I don't care much about the Wind Raider plattform and could do without the orb holder. Aside of that, I gladly take everything else.
    But Mattel can cancel all accessoires and sell them as a weapons pak later, if that gives me Point Dread!
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    Heroic Warrior snakeeyes0217's Avatar
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    I'd cut the Wind Raider base regardless of wether or not we get something in return. It is a purposeless piece in both function and positioning in the castle and as much as Scott's intention with including it was to sell more Wind Raiders (and in turn we get more vehicles) its not going to do that.

    But cutting just that piece is not going to allow them to include the dungeon grate. The major cost of the grate is in the deco as he explained. Perhaps we should be lobbying for a reduced or no-decoed version of the grate as it has a higher probability of being included that way. Personally, I'd prefer an un-painted one over a sticker.

    The jet pack and orb holder also don't do much for me so if that gets us closer to getting the less-decoed grate, I'd sacrifice them as well.

    Funally, as much as I wish the robot was a figure or at least had removable armor that a figure could wear, I can't see losing him as he is an integral part of the throne room for me because of his presence in the vintage castle.
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    Evil and Reads Everything Straight Edge's Avatar
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    The Wind Raider base is getting panned and it doesn't even look functional. Clearly, it's the one thing that needs to get cut so that other pieces can be made.

    The Orb holder is redundant and really needs to go. Keep the secret hold concept, but leave what's inside up to our imaginations.

    The handle - I get why it was designed in, but if it's going to keep other more important parts from being included, this piece of whimsy needs to be held off for an add-on pack.

    The dungeon walls are also not necessary, especially if they come at the expense of the creature grate, which most fans seem to love. Scott and the Horsemen added a bunch of stuff to the castle, and I think the logic should be "If it came with the vintage castle, it *needs* to be included.

    The Mark Taylor prototype bits should be added if there's budget/space. If not, those are the selling points for an add-on pack.

    New pieces, like the second Orb holder, the dungeon walls and the sword mount should be optional add-ons as well.
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    Clown Prince of Darkness Benedict Judas Hel's Avatar
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    I'd cut the Wind Raider base...
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    Claw Full Of It Clawful Ofit's Avatar
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    The Space Mutants are missing something CRITAcal!

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    No Red Beast, We Riot! Whiplash7's Avatar
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    Absolutely nothing. Including the wind raider base, which can act as a floor. People need to stop giving Mattel ideas, seriously.

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    Heroic Daddy to Hermione! Uki's Avatar
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    Honestly, nothing. Even the WR stand can stay.

    I really hope to see more added via expansion Paks in the years ahead: dungeon grate, triangular weapons rack, Filmation portal mirror, Point Dread, etc.
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    Warrior of Evolution 13977's Avatar
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    To be honest if I could change one thing it would be that ledge. I've never liked that ledge even as a kid, I've always just though it would make the castle easier to scale in an assault. But its not going to stop me buying both the Matty and Icon Heros Grayskull.
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    TWIGGET ENTHUSIAST! Swifty's Avatar
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    Nothing at all.

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    Heroic Warrior cobz1976's Avatar
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    I voted for the windraider base... I'm never going to display my windraider there.

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    Heroic Warrior Rodster6's Avatar
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    Wind Raider Base
    Bat Jet Pack
    Training Device

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    Quester JonWes's Avatar
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    Wind Raider Base... though to be honest on display it'll be handy to hold more figures.
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    Hexcellent Horror Hostess
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    Wind Raider Base without a doubt. Would much rather have the dungeon "dwell of souls" than the WR landing pad.
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    Slave Girl for MOTUC! Jean's Avatar
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    I agree with most of the people, get rid of the Wind Raider base, it's completely pointless.
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    Heroic Warrior vadersfist's Avatar
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    Well since I had to pick something I did pick but honestly I would rather nothing be removed cause I want it all and then more if I can get it for the 250 price tag.
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    Heroic Warrior
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    Jul 2010
    The Wind Raider spot is useless and makes no sense...

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    Pillar of the Community hadley's Avatar
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    Kennesaw, GA
    I DON'T want to cut the Wind Raider part because that area will be a good place to stand figures on. I don't have a Wind Raider and I'm not interested in getting one to display there (the whole idea is goofy to me too), but it's a good stage for figures.

    Bat Jetpack: It's not a jetpack! There's no way for it to attach to a figure. It has a handle, so I guess a figure is meant to hold it and it carries them up in the air or something? I don't know, it doesn't make sense to me.

    Dungeon Cell: It's too small to be practical, and why would I want to hide a figure in there? I'm considering leaving these pieces in the box anyway.

    Grayskull Robot: This is a very expensive piece with all the paint apps. I'd rather they held him back to do him right later down the line. A hollow, static robot seems like no fun to me. It will take up the space of a figure, but without any of the fun of a figure. He can't be posed in battle scenes, he just stands there, taking up space. I'll probably end up keeping that in the box too, so I have more room for figures in the castle.

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