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Thread: Custom Sound boxes

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    Custom Sound boxes

    Hey guys,

    I thought maybe some of you guys might be able to help me out with this. I thought it would be cool to create an electronic sound box for my future Castle Grayskull. Anybody here know anything about how to go about making one? I remember when I was in high school, a student made one with cuss words, but I can't find any site on how to make one.
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    Is this the type of sound box you're looking for?
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    Or is it more like the King Grayskull sound thing from the 2008 Exclusive?
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    I created two or three years ago, this Castle Grayskull diorama.
    I used an electronic board connected to a speaker.
    This electronic board is equipped with a USB port.
    By usb port you can copy a MP3 or WMA file.
    I copied on my board the sound of He-Man transformation in the Filmation cartoon (Italian voice).
    This board can be powered by a 5 volt power pack.
    I bought this electronic board in ebay by an american seller.
    This is an old video of my first diorama.
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    i worked at radioshack in college. they had all the things you needed to make them. pretty much like what are in the greeting cards. i'm sure if you go and tell them what you are doing they will help you. should be fairly cheap as well.
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