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Thread: Saddle up Partners - we may have a ride soon!

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    Saddle up Partners - we may have a ride soon!

    Read and draw your own conclusion...he didn't say the standard "nothing to annouce at this time" or "since discussions have not occured"



    "I thought that one of the great things about this line was the ability to reuse the bucks as often as possible to save money. You guys went and sculpted Swift Wind and can reuse it for Spirit and Arrow. Wouldn't you make some quick sales from reusing the buck? (I know some people say just take off SW's accessories and you've got Spirit, but that's not the same to me.)"


    "You want more Horses huh..."

    Spirit? Arrow? Storm? Budweiser Clydesdale? or dare we to think maybe Stridor or Night Stalker?

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    I think it's going to be Teela's Unicorn Charger. Toyguru seems to love Teela, concept and early MOTU stuff. Since Charger can be made from the Swiftwind buck, it all makes sense to me! Charger was even in the latest issue of the DC Comics, MOTU mini-series.

    Arrow (for Bow) or Strydor (for Fisto), would be my preferences though. Not that I don't WANT Charger! I just want Arrow and Strydor a bit more.

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    Charger would be amazing! That would be my personal choice of the three. Stridor and Nightstalker would need new sculpts.

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    If it is Charger, I'd get it in a heartbeat!!
    But I really hope it's Strydor/Night Stalker
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    Can't see this being anything other than a Strydor/Nightstalker 2 pack. Swiftie was arguably the most well known horse in the MOTU mythos and it really wasn't that fast of a seller. Can't see Mattel taking a chance on Arrow or charger.
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    I'd buy Arrow. Charger? Not so much.
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    Stridor would be epic in MOTUC scale.

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    I'd love Stidor and Nightstalker but could live without Charger and all of the POP horses.
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    I can live without the POP horses, but defintely need Nightstalker and Stridor and Charger - They need to get use out of the swifty buck and Charger would be an easier sell than a glittery glass horse from POP.
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    Well as the question was about reusing bucks, Charger would be a logical choice. Furthermore it might change Mattel's mind about reissuing Teela, or at least doing a second version. But we do need Stridor and Nightstalker.
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    Give Blonde Bikini Teela her ride!

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    I'd buy Charger, Stridor and Night Stalker. Not the others. Bow can walk, the lazy bum.

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    Arrow with Kowl pack-in, for the win.

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    Yeah, I'm definitely going to say that Stridor and Nightstalker would be amazing to own in this line.
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    I hope it's Charger
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    I'll buy whatever mount may be in the works, but I would really love to see Mantisaur rather than more horses. With Battle Cat, Panthor, and Swifwind we have mounts for the leaders of 3 of the 4 main factions. Now Hordak needs some love.

    Edit: Although if horses are on the horizon, I really hope we see the POP translucent ones like Crystal Sundancer and Moonbeam.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Crusader View Post
    I hope it's Charger
    Wow, me too! I'm not sure if Mattel can do Strydor on the cheap, there would be too much tooling. And if they do, I would be upset, since Mattel is not releasing the Battle Ram. I would rather have a Battle Ram than a Strydor.

    But a Charger would be perfect!
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    Quote Originally Posted by vid.tracey View Post
    Can't see this being anything other than a Strydor/Nightstalker 2 pack. Swiftie was arguably the most well known horse in the MOTU mythos and it really wasn't that fast of a seller. Can't see Mattel taking a chance on Arrow or charger.
    Um, Swifty sold out in 6 days; not a record by any means, but faster than some factions that are still being made. Also add in that there were problems with the figure that were, if I recall, already known when it went on sale (wing attachment, some with two right lower legs in front). Given that the molds are already there and haven't been re-used as the cat body was, I would be surprised if we didn't see at elast one other horse before long.
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    Quote Originally Posted by IrrepressibleDH View Post
    Bow can walk, the lazy bum.

    this was funny
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    I'd love a Spirit for Adora, Arrow for Bow(though not blue, please), and a Charger for Teela. I never knew Teela had a unicorn until recently. It fits with her warrior goddess title. Stridor and Night Stalker are musts, although they'll be 100% new tools.

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    Very exciting news,one can hope for a teela 2.0 asw well.
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    do you guys realize that horses doesnt mean stridor (vehicle)

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    Depends on how they would do Stridor.

    I think the bigger issue though with Stridor is the fact Fisto was underproduced/sent out and many fans who don't have Fisto would be reluctant to get his mount. Teela would have similar problems, with only the issue being more people actually have her.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tallstar View Post
    Arrow with Kowl pack-in, for the win.
    Cheerio! Perfect idea!!!!

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    Stridor and Night Stalker are easily the coolest and most MotU-ish of any "horse" but those would need their own tooling.

    That said, I think Charger could be made cool enough for me to want.

    But anything on the My Little Pony side of things would be a poor seller and a HUGE pass for me.

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