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Thread: List 3 Filmation Characters You'd Like To See Round Out The Filmation Sub

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    General Tataran

    I serioisly do NOT get all the love for Dylamug. He's like if on Pee-Wee's Playhouse there was a character that was a mattress that The Horde kidnapped for Hordak to experiment on.
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    1. Huntara
    2. Sea Hawke
    3. Red Knight*

    I only went with Red Knight over Lord Masque to keep a balance of good guys and POP figs. However, if Lord Masque or Red Knight were a sub bonus and the other was in the regular line, that would be splendiforous.

    I want to give honorable mention to Starchild with Boweena as an "accesory" like Orko and Prince Adam.

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    I think I already chimed in but I will do it again. My main two haven't changed.

    1. Lizard Man
    2. Strong Arm

    I would also like to see the horsemen do Helios, King of the Fire People. I know the Filmation version doesn't have any details but I am sure they would knock it out of the park. Maybe a red frosted look like Icer with an LED light inside to make him shimmer? That would rock. Oh well, it's Monday morning and I am still not awake yet, I think.

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    God...only 3?! Lizard Man, Scorpia, Lord Masque. I know Seahawk's on the way, but those are the 3 I'd want. And another 6 figure sub next year, at the very least!

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    1) Dragoon
    2) Lord Masque
    3) Vultak

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