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Thread: Issues Displaying Panthor or Battle Cat MIB after shipping ...

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    Issues Displaying Panthor or Battle Cat MIB after shipping ...

    has anyone experienced any issues after receiving either of the cats where there sadle or head peice has fallen off or come loose? Where even though they are "tied down" they still fiond a way to somehow get jarred loose? i cant seem to get either of these figures shipped to me where the items inside are not dispalying correctly. I'm at work now so i cant show any pictures just yet as to what im talking about but i will post them tonight when I get home.

    Please let me know if this has happened to anyone else? Its almost like the vintage cats were secured better than the classics and it erks me to no end. Please reply if you have shared a similar experience
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    My saddles are fine, but both battle cats have crazy masks!
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