The title says it all. Batros is an awesome figure, but I canīt help but thinking he would be even more awesome if his body would have some sort of texture.
So I whipped up a little photoshop pic of the Batros prototype shown at NYTF mixed with the texture of Stratosī buck.
Judge for yourself and let me (and Mattel) know, which one you would prefer.

And before someone starts complaining that Batros didnīt have body hair in the Filmation cartoon: Neither did Stratos nor Beastman! This was a drawing and animation limitation, not neccessarily a design choice. So, while keeping the figure as faithful to the original as possible, a texture for his body would not contradict what we have seen in the cartoon! ;-)

Original Prototype vs. Photosop mock-up:

Reference: Stratos and Beastman in Filmation cartoon, showing no body hair!