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    MOTUC for GI Joe

    I am looking to get started in collecting GI Joe, I have some Masters of The Universe Classics I am looking to trade for some GI Joes. Right now I don't have no collection and i am more interested in the original line from the 80's but would consider some from the more modern lines as long as it's in line with the classics. So if your interested message me with what you have any maybe we can work out a deal.
    What I have to trade:
    Eternos Palace Randor(loose)
    Slush Head(loose)
    I also maybe willing to part with my King Grayskull(Loose)

    I'm also looking for these to either trade or buy:
    Cops ‘n Crooks
    Big Boss
    Buttons McBoomBoom
    Any Vehicle

    D*ck Tracy
    Big Boy
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