My dad has a vintage Star Wars MOC collection; he's without a job; and he needs money for his mortgage. He has a seriously great collection. Very few yellow bubbles, great over all condition, some rare items and lots of unpunhed cards. I need to know info on AFA grading, so that he can maximize his investment return. Like I said he's in dier straights and he needs to get all that he can out of them, as quickly as he can.

Here's what I need to know:

(1) how much does grading cost
(2) how long does it take to recieve your figures
(3) is there a reliable place to price these figures including the different variants? I need to know what they're worth.

I can't tell you how much I appreciate help on this. I'm going to do an online check for these things, but I'd really rather find info from experts on this line.

I'd much rather sell to a .orger rather than giving evil-bay such a ridiculous and largely undeserved cut, but I do intend on getting these graded before I try to sell, so please do not ask for lists or bother making offers just yet. PLEASE help me out, and thank you for reading.