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Thread: 14 200X figs for sale.

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    14 200X figs for sale.

    Hi, I'm lookin to sell some figs to make way for MOTUC. PayPal or trade in classics accepted! Deals considered on 3 or more figures!

    Whiplash: loose, complete $15 shipped
    Buzz-Off: loose, complete $15 shipped
    Man-E-Faces: loose, complete $15 shipped
    Sy-Clone: loose, complete $15 shipped
    Stratos: loose, complete $15 shipped
    He-Man: loose, complete, broken arm-superglued $10 shipped, or $5 with any other purchase.
    Beast-Man: loose, complete $15 shipped
    Skeletor: loose, complete $15 shipped
    Orko: loose, complete (if you want the big plastic ball thing, I'll send) $15 shipped
    Two-Bad: loose, missing weapon $13 shipped
    Trap Jaw: loose, complete, broken leg-superglued $10 shipped, or $5 with any other purchase
    Tri-Clops: loose, complete $15 shipped
    Adam: loose, complete $15 shipped
    Ram-Man: Gold armor, loose, complete $15 shipped
    Or... $105 shipped for the whole lot!

    I also have Stactions, but I think I wanna keep em. I have Snout Spout, Mantenna, Grizzlor (1 or 2 broken arrow things), Clawful (broken but glued mace). Feel free to make offer or trade in classics offer, and I may reconsider.

    And I would prefer trade in classics, cause I'll just spend the money I make on them!

    Thanks, guys!

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    I received no bites... anyone? Make an offer? $85 for the whole lot minus stactions? Let me know...
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