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  • Brown, to match his shins and feet

    15 46.88%
  • Coral Red, to match his gun

    13 40.63%
  • Other

    4 12.50%
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Thread: If Kobra Khan had a snake staff, what color should it be?

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    If Kobra Khan had a snake staff, what color should it be?

    With the exception of Sssqueeze, all of the Snake Men came with a Snake Staff. Kobra Khan, originally one of Skeletor's henchmen, never had one either. BUT, if he were to get one, what color would/should it have been?

    King Hiss - light green
    Tung Lashor - purple
    Snake Face - dark green
    Rattlor - red

    So, what would Khan's be???

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    Interesting question. I went with red.

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    I had him holding Rattlor's for a couple months, and I liked the way it looked. I think the red would be too much overkill considering how bright it is on something as small as his blaster.
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    Green. Like the rest of his body
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    I'll say Black with the diamond designs on it painted red like his laser gun or dark green.

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    While I don't really like the idea of him having one, I voted coral red.
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    I think it would have been red like gun. In vintage I'm sure it would have been same colour as their accessories usually did that.

    I think brown would be more appropriate, but Red more likely, so my vote there.

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    Silver or Green

    Silver suits him very well

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    None, he is a Evil Warrior and not a part of the Snake Men. He was forced in and should never have been.
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