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Thread: Do You Want To See Mattel Acquire the 1987 MOTU Movie Rights?

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    Do You Want To See Mattel Acquire the 1987 MOTU Movie Rights?

    Do you think Mattel acquiring the rights to the 1987 MOTU film is just as important or thereabouts as Mattel acquiring the Filmation rights? We know that Blade, Saurod and Gwildor are good to go but what about the rest? Do you want Mattel to acquire the movie rights so we can see them in Classics guise?
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    To be perfectly honest: The only character that they would potentially do that they werenīt allowed to before, is Karg. And Skeletors Troopers.
    Lubic, Julie, Kevin... Those donīt really make for impressive looking MOTUC actionfigures. They would need to be almost 100% new tools, given their slimmer bodies and their clothes. Maybe Kevin could share parts with Teenage Adam, and Julie might borrow some tools from a few previous female figures (Sorceress arms, for example). But the majority of parts would have to be new tools. And thatīs very expensive and only adds to the already expensive rights to the movie. So I donīt really see this happening.

    But HELL YES, Iīd wish for it!
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    I would love to see Mattel acquire the rights to the '87 movie. I would love to see the versions of the characters in classics series.

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    Claw Full Of It Clawful Ofit's Avatar
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    Yes, but have no intrest in anyone from Earth. I'd buy everyone else. The Air Sentry guy, Karg, Troopers, He-Man, Evil-Lyn, God Skelly & Pig-Boy would be cool to have.
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    I'm only interested in Saurod and Blade.
    And since Mattel already have the rights to make those...
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    proudly outatime JoeyCruel's Avatar
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    Holy quacamole yes!
    Make a six fig sub now!
    Blade, Saurod and Gwildor!
    Karg, Lubic and Worruck!
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    Just for Karg yes. Not interested in the rest other than the figures they already have rights for (Saurod, Blade and Gwildor)

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    Quote Originally Posted by JoeyCruel View Post
    Holy quacamole yes!
    Make a six fig sub now!
    Blade, Saurod and Gwildor!
    Karg, Lubic and Worruck!
    I would buy a 12 figure sub line of Movie figures in a HEARTBEAT!!! !

    Perfect streamlined idea for a 12 figure Movie subline...
    00. Sub exclusive Figure - God Skeletor
    01. Movie Heman variant
    02. Movie Man-At-Arms variant
    03. Movie Teela variant
    04. Movie Skeletor variant
    05. Movie Evil Lyn variant
    06. Blade
    07. Karg
    08. Saurod
    09. Lubic
    10. Gwildor - heavy tool 12 figure sub item
    11. Movie Black Skeletor Shock Trooper - Army Builder 2 pak sku slot 1
    12. Movie Black Skeletor Shock Trooper - Army Builder 2 pak sku slot 2

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    Quote Originally Posted by Clawful Ofit View Post
    Yes, but have no intrest in anyone from Earth. I'd buy everyone else. The Air Sentry guy, Karg, Troopers, He-Man, Evil-Lyn, God Skelly & Pig-Boy would be cool to have.
    Gotta agree with my buddy CO about this one. THough a Lubic would be cool....the rest of the Earth peeps.....not much interest....

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    Uhmmm, I mean other than Karg and a few variants I don't see a pressing issue to have them but this is my opinion. Now for my fellow brothers and sisters of the org and every other MOTU /POP/NA/200X and other version, I hope they do. I would love that 'God' Skeletor to be the "Homecoming" version of Skeletor and for those who have lobbied for him make them a Lubic figure already, he could be the bodyguard of Queen Marlena when he arrives on Eternia.
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    Totally Dyslexic
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    I voted NO.

    The movie is fun and the best they could do.

    But i donīt like the earth part, i wanted to see Eternia, Battelcat, more Eternian heroes and more known villains and not their replacements.

    Karg, Balde, Sauron... nice ideas but i wanted Tri Klops, Trap Jaw and Kobrah Kahn.

    Except for golden god Skeletor i donīt think i want any variant. Dolph looks cool but itīs He-Man with a cape, Teela looks nothing like Teela at all, skinny blonde-ish Man-At-Arms again, the original is way better.

    Gwildor instead of Orko...Orko is enough as comic relief we didnīt need another one....

    For itīs time it was okay and fun but i really donīt need them in MOTUC.
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    Lord of the Patch baronterror's Avatar
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    ok so apparently im the only one to choose other at this time.

    chosen other to represent the fact that yes, id like them to have rights to the movie if only to have the right to make anything they want. i want mattel to consolidate their property to be free to make any move they like.

    but realistically i only want karg (and blade to look like blade, i never saw the blade toy and dont know how good a likeness it was.)

    karg alone seems awesome but hardly a priority. so i get blade and saurod which is great. hopefully karg is a possibility someday.

    but variants of main characters? no they are very cool and would be. but no i dont particularly want movie he man or god skeletor or whoever in classics.

    if it happens, great. really. people would loose their minds (not really this isnt filmation rights) and it would be great to get karg.

    but that is it. karg. i kinda cant worry about that.

    mind you im more interested in them being able to utilize the story elements into the classics mythos since it is the best of all possible realities. so they need access to all realities. it is already set to be true anyway as skeletor becomes king, masters are rebels...thats where the movie fits so they dont need to confirm it but it would be nice.

    i kinda think they are holding off on saurod gwildor and blade to see if they can get the rights on the cheap. godspeed to them.

    ultimately i want songster more than a movie variant of a preexisting character.

    so anyway, yeah "other" for me

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    Quote Originally Posted by baronterror View Post
    chosen other to represent the fact that yes, id like them to have rights to the movie if only to have the right to make anything they want. i want mattel to consolidate their property to be free to make any move they like.
    Acquiring the rights to release action figures based on the movie characters would not make them "free to make any move they like", because, as with the Filmation license, Mattel would only be the toy licensor of the 1987 movie property (which is a limited-time contract to use someone else's IP for some particular purpose; in this case, toy likenesses of the movie-specific characters).

    What you're thinking about (being free to use all parts of the MotU universe however they like) would require no less than Mattel acquiring all those properties for themselves (i.e., buying out the copyrights —not just licensing some particular rights— to the 1987 movie, the Filmation MotU and PoP cartoons, the Jetlag NA cartoon, the MotU DC comics, the Ladybird books, etc.; so that if afterwards someone else, including their former owners, wanted to re-release those media properties on DVD, print, etc., they would need to ask permision and pay royalties to their new owner Mattel).

    That's probably never going to happen. But given Mattel's mistreatment of their part of the franchise (due to their questionable practices and corporate culture, and their mindset that MotU is only a tiny, tiny, tiny part of their bottom line so that any risks, investmests and marketing of the franchise should be borne by others, be those the paying customers through subs/preorders, or licensors like DC Comics and the new movie studio that will carry out all the necessary brand recognition and awareness revival campaigns for and instead of Mattel), one might argue it could be seen as a blessing, since what would probably be in the best interest of the franchise and its fans would be that someone else who truly appreciates it —say, the 4H— bought out MotU from Mattel.
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    I voted YES, because I need a Meg Foster Evil-Lyn figure.
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    While I'd love a Karg, Movie He-Man, Movie Skeletor, Movie God Skeletor, and such. It's just that...a Karg and some movie inspired variants. Is it worth the ridiculous asking price for these variants for Mattel?

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    Heroic Warrior michaelAschamp's Avatar
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    We will get Blade, Gwildor, & Suarod! I would love Karg & Pigboy thats all

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    Guardian of Grayskull zodak74's Avatar
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    I don't care all that much... I voted "no". I'll take Blade, Gwildor, and Saurod... but I never wished for more movie figures when I was young after I saw the movie. And while I have grown to appreciate the '87 movie for what it is, the adult me has no need for Kevin, Julie, Karg, or Lubic on my shelves. And certainly no movie versions of the main characters.

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    I'm as meh about the '87 movie as I am about NA. Mehhity meh.

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    Ŋ\_(ツ)_/Ŋ Arkangel's Avatar
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    Absolutely ! There are plenty of movie figures with great potential for the MOTUC line.

    I personally cannot wait to read about a Movie Figures sub.

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    Angast's #1 fan Bonehead's Avatar
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    All of the characters I would want from the movie they already own the rights to :Blade, Saurod, & Gwildor. The only other character I would want would be Karg. He was pretty cool but to be honest, I'd rather see Mattel put more effort into the Classics line. Plus, I can think of other figures that deserve figures more before the line ends.

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    "Do You Want To See Mattel Acquire the 1987 MOTU Movie Rights?"

    Hmmm, how shall I put this?

    Uh, YES!!!

    I would be ecstatic at the news!!!
    Where are the rest of my New Adventures Classics figures?!?!?

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    I've said no. Purely due to if the line will be ending next year. what's the point in them having the rights? It's not like 2014 will be filled with JUST movie characters. There's no point getting the license if they can't use it.
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    Whatever to me, but I won't be buying them, I don't like the movie, don't want the figures.
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    I want Karg, Movie Skeletor, He-Man and maybe Air Centurians.
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