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Thread: MOTUC Q&A's From Around the Net (2/15/2013)

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    MOTUC Q&A's From Around the Net (2/15/2013)

    Bskcase ask: Will we know the final fate of the Green Goddess?

    Matty: Eventually. Keep reading the bios and mini comics.

    DO4M ask: Seeing that MOTU is gaining some steam in other media (the amazing DC Comics series, the iOS game, the movie leaving development heck), are there any plans to make some MOTU toys based on these new media ( something like Mini Masters, or MOTUC versions of the Comic Designs)?

    Matty :This is always something we are looking into. It has been an incredibly exciting time for the brand and the best is yet to come! Stay tuned.

    Arthur ask: Many fans are worried about the future of figures like Blast Attack, Madam Razz or Two Bad who require a lot of new tooling. Now that the line is going to be scaled down in 2014, will we still see 100% new tools like Ram Man?

    Matty:If we do a 2014 line we hope it will also be a blend of partial and fully tool'd figures. The partial tool figures often help "offset" the cost of 1 or 2 fully tool'd figures.

    rock.vivien ask: Hi, MOTU is getting monthly DC Comic starting April. What an awesome news! Do you plan a new shared project between DC and MOTUC figures in the future? I mean, advertising Motuc figures (like in the magazine ToyFare in the past) to get new customers, create some figures with the DC style (DC He-Man or Despara), or even a pack DC+MOTUC... What do you think?

    Matty: This is always something we are looking into. It has been an incredibly exciting time for the brand and the best is yet to come! Stay tuned.

    Q: To keep costs down for a potential MOTUC 2014 line-up, would Mattel consider smaller packaging (such as a box and no plastic bubble)?

    A: Reducing the packaging this way would not reduce the cost of the figures in a significant enough way. To get the cost of the figures down, to say around 20.00 we would to take a multifaceted approach and reduce package, deco, accessories and articulation.

    Q: How does MOTUC Karatii’s skin tone compare to Demo-Man’s? Is it the same color?

    A: No, it is not the same pantone. .Karatti is a little darker.

    Q: Masters Of The Universe Classics found at Wal-Mart has created a lot of controversy amongst fans. It would seem odd that Mattel would just sell only a dozen or so Roboto’s and Gygor’s at a significate loss while they may have more than that in reserve. You stated that Mattel does plan to sell older MOTUC figures to other retail chains. Can you tell us what stores Mattel does plan to sell the figures too?

    A: Mattel did not sell any MOTUC toys to Wal-Mart nor do we have plans to. The situation you are referring to is one single Wal-Mart location that acquired MOTUC product from a third party and sold it without the permission of Mattel.

    Q: Would listing all of the 2014 subscription characters at SDCC improve subscription sales? Give fans the layout of the 2014 map, and would this help to complete the core characters?

    A: It potentially could, but legally we are not in a place to do that.

    2. Is Evil-Seed the type of character that fits into that “core” that could finish out the line, or is he more considered a “fringe” character?

    Considering he was in both Filmation and Mike Young series that would definitely bump him up a bit. But no plans to announce right now.

    3. There was a fair amount of issue with Granamyr breaking for many fans. Is this something that Mattel is aware of and looking into for future larger scale figures (should they come about)?

    While there was some quality control with Granamyr, based on the number of individual posters (not the same customer posting multiple times) and actual requests for returns/exchanges, the QC rate was incredibly small and we do replace any defective product. This was a bit of a case of a very small number of units with QC seeming like a much larger issue due to the nature of the internet. We aren’t saying there were not QC issues, but the overall number of units with issues was extremely small.

    4. Any idea if Mattel will be at C2E2 this year?

    No, we will not be at C2E2 in 2013.

    Kastor’s Korner: A question was circulated recently anout making MOTUC for about $20, eliminating accessories, deco and/ or packaging… is there a chance figures can be released in two versions– a “basic” model for under current cost, and a “deluxe” version with increased accessories and tooling, for a larger price tag? This could be a way to satisfy fans who are on a budget, and also those who would be happy to pay top dollar for more detail and quality.

    Mattel: No, that would take two different development skus and right now we are putting every sku was can into new characters, not doing two different versions of the same character. We just don’t have the resources for that right now.

    Kastor’s Korner: We know heads are expensive. Glimmer is a character that comes to mind who would need two heads (Filmation vs. Vintage toy)… if heads are too expensive due to paint apps, have you considered something to the effect of swappable wigs/ headgear on the same face?

    Mattel: Anything is possible but we don’t have plans to announce a Glimmer figure right now.

    Kastor’s Korner: Do you consider Sagitar a beast like Swiftwind, a figure like Ram Man, or something in between?

    Mattel: Whether he is considered a figure or a beast he would be a larger oversized item if we got to him.

    Kastor’s Korner: If a figure would only need a new deco on an existing figure (like Camo Khan, white Captain Glenn, shirtless Trap Jaw or black Optikk), have you considered different avenues than the sub to release these much-desired repaints? Perhaps as additional convention exclusives like Strobo, or a new, lower price sub series?

    Mattel: The TRU 2 packs from a few years ago was an avenue we created to do this, but there was not enough support to keep this going.

    What shows will the MOTU Traveling Exclusive be available at?

    At this point Power Con is the only show we know for sure we are going to. Others like NYCC may be added as the year goes on.

    How will the SDCC exclusives be revealed this year?

    That has not been determined yet.

    Do faster sellouts on day of sale items reflect lower production numbers on these, or are they selling at faster rates?

    A little of both

    Would listing all of the 2014 Sub Characters at SDCC improve subscription sales. Layout the 2014 map, don’t need to show them just layout the plan to improve buy in and complete the core characters?

    It potentially could, but legally we are not in a place to do that.
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