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Thread: Marvel Comics Discussion thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mermista View Post
    Well, it is still better than a non-powered Jubilee as Wondra But then I have always liked Vampires, except the kind that can live in daylight or sparkle lol.
    Jubilee is my all time favourite comic character, but I hated depowered Wondra. I wasn't big on turning her into a vampire at first either, but I've come to like the idea.

    I pretty much stopped reading Marvel after they dropped The Runaways. By now I don't care if they go back to it anymore, and I'm really not interested in a reboot. I miss that team.

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    I haven't read a lot of Marvel in a while, but was there any fallout from Hulk killing a ton of people during Fear Itself? I checked out the latest issue of Marvel and they seemed to have turned the Hulk back into a blunt instrument of mass destruction instead of anything interesting.
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    The new 52 to me is better. That superior Doc spider ock man is the most stupidest thing ever. There's just way too many books wolverine is in. To me they changed a lot of the characters character. I used to love marvel but now that dc got edgier the new 52 too me takes the cake.
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    I prefer New 52 as well as they restarted a lot of their characters from the start which meant you didn't have to be be aware of all their history, which made it easier to pick up comics you had never tried before. That and their stories seem to be more fun at the moment.

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