So let me see if I understand correctly,
Tuvar is not a gar, Stratos is not the same race as Tuvar but they have the same ridges, Keldor is half gar but since we haven't seen any 100% gar without a helmet we don't know for sure if he is supposed to have ridges or not, webstor has a gar father and a spider mother or could be from a dark bluish race or a simply spider race. Sy-clone is a gar but he have never seen him without the helmet so we don't know if he has ridges or not. Shakoti or Shokoti may be a gar but she seems to have vampire fangs, like Tuvar, and Keldor but Sy-clone does not, or at least we have never seen him smiling or eating, which brings the question if Sy-clone is a robot since no human (or eternian) can spin his torso with the legs fixed. Kronis is from another dimension, and finally since we also bring Star Trek universe, seems that the bolians are gar too! did I miss something else?