I'm coming back to this hobby, and decided to display the comics from MVC prominently. Unfortunately, I missed the following, since I was stopping MOTU about the beginning of Vol 3. Any help would be appreciated: an eBay link with decent prices, link to an online store, your extras, whatever.

MotU: episode 40 (Best Buy exclusive)
Dream Halloween: 2002 (CAAF exclusive)
MVC vol 1: Graham Crackers Exclusive #1, CGE#1 foil, Museum #1 [rolleyes], Museum Preview, Hardbound TPB, Softbound TPB, Traveler's Trade
MVC vol 2: Graham Crackers Exclusive #1 (need two, to display back cover art too), GCE#1 foil, Hardbound TPB, Softbound TPB
MVC vol 3: 1, 1: Convention Gatefold Cover, 1: Dealer Incentive, 2, 2: Dealer Incentive, 3, 3: Dealer Incentive, 4, 5, 5: .org exclusive, 6, 6: .org exclusive, 7, 7: .org exclusive, 8, 8: .org exclusive, 8: Graham Crackers exclusive
MVC Rise of the Snakemen: 2 (need two, to display the back art too)
Toontastic (UK released MVC comics): 1 - 18

Thanks in advance,