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Thread: What Anime everybody likes ???

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    Death Note

    Thunderbirds 2086 (nostalgia-goggles heavily used)

    Ranma 1/2


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    Anime love

    Lupin the 3rd,Dragon Ball,Death Note,Vampire Hunter D,Ghost hunter Mikami,Detective Conan,Fist of the north star,Bleach,crayon shin chan,Panty and stocking with garderbelt,grave of the fireflies,Hellsing,Cowboy bebop,outlaw star, etc

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rhanen View Post
    I like anime till 2000, then most known of them have school teenage boy/girl in an extraordinary magical laconic situation

    That said, I like

    Cowboy Bebop
    Samurai Champloo
    Afro Samurai
    Mazinger Z and Shin Mazinger
    Dragonball (a little bit DB Z & despise DB GT)
    Black Lagoon
    Mach Go-Go-Go (Meteoro! Speed Racer)
    Captain Tsubasa
    Captain Harlock
    Macross - Southern Cross - Mospeada
    Full Metal Alchemist
    Tekkaman Blade
    Bubblegum Crisis 2040
    Ghost in the Shell (still need to watch S.A.C)
    Rorouni Kenshin
    Blue Seed
    Lupin III
    G-Force (Gatchaman)
    Those who hunt elves
    Burn-Up Excess
    Agent Aika
    Saber Marionette J
    did you see the trailer for the new CG Captain Harlock?

    Abstract the Perspective

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    I could never really get into anime, but my wife loves the series Slayers, which I've gotten into. I like the characters, and it's a pretty funny series.
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    Full Metal Panic (both original & Second Raid)
    Yu Yu Hakusho
    Yu-Gi-Oh! (original, 5D's, & Zexal)
    Dragon Ball Z & GT
    Rune Soldier
    Vampire Knight (both original & Guilty)
    Speed Racer
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    This thread reminds me somewhat of my thread

    Oh and as for my list. Well if you click on my thread you will see the first post has such a list on it.

    Well take that list and remove all of them because I got bored with anime a long time ago

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    Cardcaptor Sakura

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    cowboy bebop is my favorite anime. i like the characters, the music, the writing, everything. the english translation and VAs are top notch too.

    i'm a fan of gundam in general, but have seen very few series (and even fewer all the way through). my favorite gundam series is MGS: the 08th MS team. it's relatively short, has a core group of characters that aren't all spread apart with their own storylines, and there's this sense of danger and urgency that is lacking in pretty much all the other series in the franchise. but like i said, i haven't seen a lot of the series. if anyone out there knows of a gundam series with a similar feel to this one, i'd love to know about them.

    the slayers is one of the first shows i was exposed to (after i learned that anime was a thing). i have the first series on dvd and watch them every so often. it is not the best show out there, but it is pretty good and i've got a soft spot for it. i've also seen slayers next and try, and while i enjoyed them i didn't feel that they had the same quality as the first series. i also saw the first movie but didn't really care for it.

    when i first watched one piece, i hated it. that could be because it was the 4kids version or because it was in the middle of a storyline and i had no idea what was going on. i just knew i didn't like it. a few years later, one of my friends insisted i watch it. i started a few arcs in (this time from the beginning of one and it was a subbed version). i fell in love with it very quickly. soon i started from the beginning, and got caught up with it about a year ago. but then i got out of the habit of catching the newest episodes and now i'm several months behind. i love the characters, the over-the-top personalities, the creative powers, and the use of said powers. i'm not a fan of the pacing (oh, how i missed the fast paced nature of the show's beginning), but it's not enough to deter me.

    there's not much i can say about why i like death note. it's honestly just the cat and mouse between "kira" and "L". the way the main character's beliefs are warped by the death note is pretty interesting too. without giving anything away, i did not care for the last 10 or so episodes.

    i would have forgotten to include azumanga daioh entirely if not for soulgem. there are a lot of comedic anime (animes? i don't know what the plural is supposed to be) out there, but this one gets me laughing the most. if it were 10 years ago, i would have passed it off as some stupid girly show, but i would have been so wrong. yes, the main characters are all girls. yes, they talk about girly things from time to time. but it doesn't really take center stage. the different personalities and situations are what it's all about. i really need to buy the dvds.

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    I love tons of anime but THE GUYVER will always be my favorite and I am also working on a new guyver suit as well!
    I want NA Skeletor and Rio Blast and I want them now!

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