First off--I've read forum guidelines and I don't believe this falls under the "commission request" area. I'm not looking for an original drawing--just a Photoshop manipulation and a coloring. If this does qualify as a commission request I apologize and understand if my thread is moved to the appropriate forum or even removed altogether.

There's a site I visit often (the Chive--won't link it here since there are certain images that aren't R-rated but aren't kid-friendly either) and it has a contest open for T-Shirt ideas. I have an idea for a shirt, but I have no graphic design skills and don't have time to learn them...deadline to submit is Feb 24.

Anywho, the project would combine two pop icon images and I'd like the mashup colored in a black/white high contrast style. Sorry, there may be a name for this coloring style but I don't know what it's called. Here's an example of the style:


The grand prize is $1000 and a print run of the shirt. 2nd prize is $500 and a run of the shirt. 3rd is $300 and a run of the shirt.

I respect the time and talent it takes to design projects like this, and I don't want to disrespect anyone by asking for a free design. I just know there are some very talented people here on the org and I'd be happy to split the prize money and buy you one of the shirts if I go with your design and we won.

This may be too much to ask in such little time--I honestly have no idea how long the project might take to create. I'm also sorry that I can't offer anything as incentive other than a split of the money if we win, but I'd love to see how far this idea could go and I'd be more than willing to give you your share of the credit if we won. I don't post here often but I've been around since the first incarnation of this site and the handful of dealings I've had with fellow orgers have all been extremely positive.

Message me if you are interested and we can talk details...thanks for your consideration!