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Thread: Crystal Castle vs Snake Mountain?

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    Quote Originally Posted by uaxuctum View Post
    ...Castle Grayskull is the centerpiece (the most iconic and essential playset) of the Eternia display (you can place both the Heroic and the Evil warriors around it)...
    This is a very good point, and I agree completely. The only caveat is that Crystal Castle is hidden, so you can't really display many (actually hardly any) characters around it without creating a major shift in the canon. But still, it is more important than Snake Mountain

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    SNAKE MOUNTAIN without a doubt!

    This version please!!! (I'm really hoping for TWO Wind Raider stands!)
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    Quote Originally Posted by Stickfa View Post
    wow, really? maybe because I display mine as a collector now I never thought of that. To me the old playsets werent that great because htey focused around a microphone, and an elevator..... but I love that someone here liked the vintage stuff that much. I wasnt expecting a response like that at all.
    Snake Mountain's classic toy has this demonic funhouse vibe to it that I absolutely loved as a horror movie loving child and even now as a grown up, I find that I still very much love the aesthetic of the whole thing. I just think it's done really well, from the use of the color purple to the sculpted little faces found inside and out, the wolf on the gate, the old bridge, the shackles on the ledge... this vs. Filmation? Or MYP? Visually, they both bore me in comparison to the toy.
    As for Crystal Castle, I feel like I saw it in the stores and probably ended up owning it before I saw the cartoon version, because I recall seeing it on the show and like so much of Filmation's versions of things, I thought "That's not right!" I also like that the toy is more of Etheria's version of Castle Grayskull than the show version was. It has eyes, the mouth is a pair of doors that open outward... it has a "face" like Grayskull. I always used to think (and still do) that that was what was so cool about its appearance. I'm not saying a MOTUC Crystal Castle has to have a bed with canopy, a set of drawers, etc... but heck yeah- the throne should be an elevator that rises to the top of the castle, it should have a treasure chest, and a rack to hang She-Ra's shield and sword I also like the sculpted rocky cliff with the clouds around it... the Horsemen could sculpt it in such a way that figures could actually stand on ledges for battles and stuff. What are they going to do with Filmation's gold hood ornament version of Crystal Castle to make it interactive with 6" action figures? I acknowledge I'm in the minority here, but maybe the throne could be sculpted to resemble the Filmation castle as a nice little nod to those fans

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    obvious answer is obvious

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ivan View Post
    This is a very good point, and I agree completely. The only caveat is that Crystal Castle is hidden, so you can't really display many (actually hardly any) characters around it without creating a major shift in the canon. But still, it is more important than Snake Mountain
    oooh, I think this is a VERY good point I never thought of. I love the crystal castles filmation design, it's so intricate, beautiful, and much more she-ra-esque than the toy from the 80's. BUT you couldnt display it with anyone around it ... that wouldnt make sense.

    Since there seems to be a toss up between filmation design and vintage for both the crystal castle and snake mountain, it would be a hard thing to tackle ..... more so than I realized when I started this thread.... Im learning! and I love it! = )
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    Why not both? Why does it have to be one or the other? There should be a new Eternia and Horde's Lair as well!

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    Filmation Snake Mountain

    For practicalities' sake, we have over a dozen characters that could hang in SM. Nobody ever hung around the Crystal Castle iirc. A Whispering Woods playset would be cooler imo.
    Quote Originally Posted by snakeeyes0217 View Post
    I could smell the results of this poll a mile away...

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    Snake Mountain easily. For me Crystal Castle might not even crack my top ten for playsets. After Snake Mt I'd go with Fright Zone,Eternia(Viper Tower,Grayskull Tower & Central Tower) these might have to be done separately to get all them),Eternos Palace, Point Dread with Talon Fighter & The Slime Pit to name a few.

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    Snake Mountain of course! It is afterall Skeletor's stronghold. The Crystal Castle playset in the POP line was a dollhouse but in the cartoon, it was completely isolated from the rest of Etheria and the interior looked more desolate than Castle Grayskull.

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    I'd love to see a Crystal Castle (Filmation version), however I had to vote for Snake Mountain!
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    I wanted Snake Mountain before Grayskull so SM got my vote.
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    snake mt please.... due to size and way would i buy a crystal castle...even snake mt is pushing it...
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    One of the easiest poll decisions ever. SM, of course. Duh.
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    Snake Mountain for sure. I wouldn't even be sad if CC never got made.

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    Snake Mountain
    Is this even close?

    Snake Mountain.....

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    I would like to see a crystal castle too but no way if you compare it to snake mountain

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    I chose Snake Mountain. I would like to see aspects of both the Filmation version and Toy Version. I could picture the same swing open case design as the old toy, but the first half would more resemble The Iconic Snake wrapped mountain and the second half would resemble the demonic head of the toy.

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    Castle Grayskull
    Snake Mountain, for sure!
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    I wouldn't be against a Crystal Castle if they did something totally different from the pink palace.

    But seeing how impressive Castle Grayskull is in person, Snake Mountain has to be next. I would prefer something like the Icon Heroes one with the hybrid look.
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    I voted for Snake Mountain, and yea they did do a good job on Grayskull. but im mostly concerned Snake mountain. wont be done justice I want to see Snake mountain, much larger then Grayskull. like in the mini comics Grayskulll and Snake mountain. where similar in the sence, that both good and evil castles had untold secrets. that could forever be discovered, like carverns and hidden passageways. and rooms, containing powerfull weapons and magical artifacts. in hidden places,going far down even into the depths of subternia.

    The only real difference was that the secrets of Grayskull. would grant you God like powers, and and the ability to rule the very universe. so all that being said, I want I want a secret chamber for Skelertor to happenstance upon. and disscover a very powerfull weapon of some sort or other to fight the heroic warriors.and if im blown away by what I see and see a written contract from MATTEL stating.what you see is what you get and not subject to change. ill buy ill be willing to pay million bucks for a snake Mountain done right, no more like $500.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Orko's Magic Hat View Post
    I wouldn't be against a Crystal Castle if they did something totally different from the pink palace.

    But seeing how impressive Castle Grayskull is in person, Snake Mountain has to be next. I would prefer something like the Icon Heroes one with the hybrid look.
    So you would be okay with the golden tower style Crystal Castle from Filmation?

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    Snake Mountain as long as it is Filmation style. Now wouldn't that be a treat!
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    I voted for snake mountain simply because CastleGrayskull & Snake Mountain were well known as He-Mans & skeletors fortresses. they were both in the vintage line and every fan knows what they are and who they belong to. The Crystal Castle was made for the Princess of Power line but i don't think anyone who never owned it would know what it was.

    I doubt there will be any more playsets offered but if mattel ever does offer another one I would want Snake Mountain and it to be filmation
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    Quote Originally Posted by uaxuctum View Post
    I voted for the Crystal Castle (Filmation version, please). Why? Because Castle Grayskull is the centerpiece (the most iconic and essential playset) of the Eternia display (you can place both the Heroic and the Evil warriors around it), while the Crystal Castle is the analogous iconic centerpiece of the Etheria display. So, in a fair and unbiased world, if only two playsets were ever released in MotUC, those should definitely be Castle Grayskull and the Crystal Castle.
    See... I have a hard time placing them on equal levels.

    I admit that my memories of She-ra are a lot weaker then my memories of He-man... but from the ones I've seen... and the ones I remember, Crystal Castle was BARELY there...

    in fact, on the 10 best episode dvds, I don't think she went to Crystal Castle once. It had zero bearing at all on the 5 part secret of the sword origin...

    It really feels like Crystal castle was created JUST because the 'boy's version had a castle... so why not?'

    In the openings and with light hope... it's like they WANTED it to be 'her' castle grayskull... but like others said, it was hidden. Hordak was not trying to get in there... most people didn't even know about it... the whispering woods was where all the conflict took place, and was what Hordak wanted to destroy/conquer...

    Snake mountain on the other hand?? It was ALWAYS being featured. It's where the bad guys plotted, it's where the good guys got captured.. frankly the two teams met and fought inside there more then they ever did in Grayskull...

    Grayskull was the centerpiece of the whole MOTU line... the whole story seemed to revolve around it. Crystal castle?? was just 'another playset'...

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