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Thread: No confirmation or chard for my February Sub?

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    No confirmation or chard for my February Sub?

    I found it odd I have not received my confirmation for Ram Man and Jitsu yet. I logged into my bank account and I see absolutely nothing there from Matty this month. I believe it WAS pending and I do know it sometimes vanishes then reappears. But it should be there now.

    Not in my order history either. I did not get a confirmation for my Filmation sub. My sub home page is getting an error. No Castle Grayskull voting email either.

    If they deduct money out of my account now, I am screwed. I'm dealing with a dying pet and the cost that goes along with it.

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    I don't know, I would think you would have already been charged and shipped....with USPS mine is here today shipped on the 13th....I'd call, and find out if you've been cancelled or not.
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    I called. I could barely understand the lady but she said something about pending renewal and 2 business days.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Everything is back on track now and my figures will ship soon. It also seems I'm getting Fang Man and King He-Man earlier than I should as well. I think they are being shipped to me in a few days.

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