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Thread: all my mini comics collection for sale! eternia checklist !!!!

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    all my mini comics collection for sale! eternia checklist !!!!

    well guys im without job for some months already and i need to get ride of my minicomics well the thing is that i paid way more than the lots that im selling now and i will put on these days on ebay but well
    if im not wrong there are

    49 Masters of the universe vintage minicomics
    4 He-man new adventures
    11 She-ra Princes of power + Poster
    2 Cheklist the eternia ( rare) and the normal one
    4 Spanish catalogues

    I dunno if im missing some but well
    what i do have for sale are:

    45 Masters of the universe minicomics ( a lot better than C9 condition, a few not than good) $230
    3 He-man new adventures (c9 +) $95
    6 Princes of power + poster (c9 +) $55
    2 Checklist the eternia one ( c8 but its broke where u fold it like in the pic) and the normal one in good condition $150 i never saw it again on ebay
    1 Spanish catalogue ( blade and he-man from the movie on the cover like new) $ 110

    i cannot put too many pics but well i will be posting them
    i know there are kinda expensive prices but i paid more than this cause i was buying one by one so i had to reduce the price a lot for this but even like this i lost money.....

    i do have also the ultimate battleground in mint condition but that one i have it on usa on a friend house... so i have to wait till he send it to me

    Blade and He-man the movie catalogue

    eternia and normal checklist

    Princess of power minicomics

    He-man new adventures minicomics
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