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Thread: Masters of the Universe: The Keldor Chronicles

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    Masters of the Universe: The Keldor Chronicles

    Hey, all. I've been lurking at the ORG for, more or less, about 13 years. I finally decided to get an account.

    Anyway, a short story of mine ("Keldor The Cursed") that I wrote many years ago was recently revisited and expanded into a novel. I'm still in the editing process, but it's over 86,000 words at the moment. It's my own canon. I pulled what I liked from existing MOTU canons, and ignored what I didn't. So far I've had really good feedback from readers who are helping me with the editing. I hope that fans here will like it too.

    Although it's not finished yet (it's very close), I'd like to point out the two sites that I have set up for it. Both are located in my signature. One is the "official" site, the other is a Facebook page. The main site currently has an excerpt from an early chapter to give people a sense of the tone I went for. The excerpt will continue to be available.

    I know it's "just" fan-fic, but after spending hundreds of hours honing it into what I feel is, not just a good, but a great MOTU story, I want to give it as big of a release as I can. I have other original works on the back-burner at the moment, and thought that this would be a good way to get my name out there. Plus, it was fun to work on. I love MOTU

    It will be released on the main website on May 4th, 2013. The FB site is regularly updated and has some cool things on it like character previews with dialog from the novel. It will also have the most updated news regarding the release.

    This has been a pretty big undertaking for me and I think is one of the more ambitious MOTU fan-fiction stories that's been put out there. As a fellow MOTU fan from before I can even remember, I'd really appreciate your support when it comes out :-)

    EDIT: It's now available! :-)
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