As The Title Says..............

I am looking to trade my "Vintage Style" Fisto for your Shadow Weaver ! I don't mind if she is loose or MOC, but I do want her in good condition with no OC issues). If you happen miss out some of her accessories, let me know.......... we can always work it out !!

BTW, the reason I call him "Vintage Style" is because he comes with a gauntlet left hand, just like the vintage figure ! And it looks much cooler than his original bracer left hand. He is AWESOME with that to be honest !!

NOTE : This "Vintage Style" Fisto does NOT comes with any of his 200X parts (200X Head, Sword & Belt) as I don't have them. He does comes with his regular sword however. What you see in the pic is what you'll be getting !

Thanks For Looking !!!!