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Thread: Is Jitsu supposed to have black on his head?

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    Is Jitsu supposed to have black on his head?

    Got Jitsu today. Opened him up to find black on this head. Maybe I should take a picture.
    It not his hair... its on his bald area.
    Anyone else have this? Is it a paint app error? Or is it supposed to be like...stubble or something?

    Okay I just took some pictures. But with the lighting it's not showing up as well or rather as obvious as it does in real life.
    In other words it looks worse in person.

    So it seems the general consensus seems to be that blotch...was intentional, and supposed to be "stubble"... Im not sure why they thought that necessary...but whatever. Some people like this extra detail. I am normally all for extra detail. (Oh, excuse me..."hyper detail" I guess is the term for extra details. hehe. Teasing, teasing) I am just not crazy about this particular one. I thought it was a paint app that's what it looks like on mine anyway.

    I just feel it would have been better off without this particular detail. At least mine would have... its very inconsistent on the top of his head, and it even comes down on his forehead... So he shaves his forehead???

    Its NOT "nit-picking"...I have never seen stubble on a persons forehead... have you??? It is immature to call this nit-picking. I still love the figure. People have a right to like something or not. Let's not be jerks about each other's tastes. Really. Be nice!
    It's not like we are saying the figure sucks or something. And I didn't personally notice the "small head" so that doesnt bother me personally. But it's not nit-picking if it does.

    My personal preference would be that they had not done this though. The figure is awesome...but for me, this does detract from it.
    On mine it just looks like a bad paint flaw.
    Maybe the guys that are liking it have better apps or something (and that's cool), because I find it hard to believe they are supposed to look like mine does.
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