View Poll Results: Do you want Jitsu's vintage head in MOTUC?

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  • Yes, I want the vintage Jitsu head!

    34 28.57%
  • No, I'm fine with the current MOTUC style Jitsu head.

    85 71.43%
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Thread: Do you want Jitsu's vintage head in MOTUC?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jeevesosiris View Post
    I honestly would rather we got new MAA and He-man sculpts that made them a little bit more detailed.
    He-Man could definitely use his Filmation head sculpt. I would prefer MAA got his head sculpted in his MYP likeness.
    MYP Sorceress is a MUST HAVE figure for MOTUC!

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    Don't see the difference between vintage and Classics in this one
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