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Thread: Mattel wants to know your top 3 questions for Design about MOTUC Castle Grayskull

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    1. Why ends the design up with a floor scale that doesnt fit the height of the figures enough.
    Fisto and Clawful don┤t look good standing there when the next floor is just over there heads.

    2. Will the inside of the castle be sculped with bricks etc....?

    3. Why the cange of the size to what was shown in TG video to preorder?
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    1. Would you consider making a (slightly) bigger castle if the fans are willing to sacrifice all the accompanying accessories (terminals, space suit, flags, weapons, handle, WR parking spot, laser gun, etc...)?

    2. Why is the ground floor raised ? If it's because of the WR parking spot, please toss it out, because virtually no one is going to use it. The upper floor was also raised, causing the lower parapet to look silly and useless (exactly like in the original castle). On the foam model, the parapet was at chest height, as it should be ...

    3. Will the keyhole to open the jawbridge be camouflaged to look like a cracked rock, or is it going to a very noticeable gap in the sculpt?
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    1. Is there any chance of putting filmation nods inside the castle, like the sorceress's view screen next to the throne?
    2. Any chance of enlarging the entrance a bit?
    3. Is is possible to do a castle grayskull accessories pack where you could make pieces for fans that they could add to the castle whether it be artifacts, extra pieces to build into the castle like filmation nods?
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    1) Can you please retool the hinge on the bridge so that it is part of the base, lowering the bridge to rest on the ground (rather than sitting half an inch above the ground) and giving that extra headroom for any MOTUC character to easily pass thru the doorway? Also, the door would need to be lengthened slightly to accomodate this, but should be easy enough.

    2) Can the trap door be re-aligned to drop figures into the dungeon? That would be great and make sense.

    3) Can Mattel please commit to offering the 3D sculpted dungeon floor sometime in 2013/2014? The demand is there!!!

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    Based on what I seen....I am seriously considering canceling my Grayskull order if there are no improvements at SDCC.

    1. The size of the castle is the biggest issue. During the preorder, fans were under the impression that the dimensions listed on the b-prints were going to be the minimum. I know there was a subject to change statement, but usually if something like this is listed the change would be for the better to suit the customer, not worse. So why post those dimensions if those numbers could not be met?

    2. A lot of fans would like to have had He-Man on Battlecat to be able to fit through the jawbridge entrance. Even though it's disappointing that can't happen....He-Man still looks too tall in the entranceway and almost hits the top of the entrance. Is there anyway to drop the entrance to give more room for He-Man and other characters to stand where they don't look like they are in a Hobbit cottage?

    3. The trap door and dungeon seem to need a lot of work. The trap door doesn't make much sense if it doesn't drop villains into the dungeon rather than at the entrance of the castle. Also, again, we have a height problem with the dungeon door. The figures seem to be taller and you can't see their faces through the door. Any chance the door can be bigger to see the whole figure and can the trap door be properly placed above the dungeon?
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    1. Will there be a way to purchase the 3d dungeon grate? (Seeing the grate removed any second guessing of my Grayskull purchase, learning it had been removed tore my heart out.) Please, just skip the sticker and find a way to release the grate. I will happily purchase it on its own if need be.
    2. Might there be potential future add ons to Grayskull after release? (playmat, bridge, third and fourth walls, secret chambers etc.)
    3. With many people not caring about the wind raider platform (myself included) might it be removed so we can get more fan demanded accesories? It just seems like a waste of space.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jinxieman View Post
    1. (as many people have asked) can you lower the jaw bridge into the base of the castle and make the door longer to give more head room.
    2. It looks like the reason the base floor cannot sit flush with the floor is because of the Wind Raider stand. As this has been a unpopular addition and place for the stand can you remove that piece and lower the ground level to be flush with the floor. That way you can more easily lower the Jaw Bridge to be flush with floor leaving more head room and cut out an item that would need to be tooled.
    3. Can you make the ledge wider so a figure can stand on it without the aid of sticky-tack?
    Thank you that's what I want to ask!
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    1) Can the jawbridge hinge be lowered into the base in order to make the entranceway larger?

    Really just that. That's definitely going to be the #1 question of most people, I hope that we get a real solid answer on that one.

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    1# Can you retool the drawbridge door opening so figures can easily pass through without obstruction?

    2# Will you be committed to accessory packs and ad-dons for Castle Grayskull? (because I would hate for you just to abandon it after it is completed)

    3# Would you willing to trade the wind raider stand (parking area) for the dungeon grate that we all have seen and love?

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    1) If not already tooled, can you not design the jawbridge hinge to be at the bottom of the base, which is to say that the jawbridge when open is flush with the "Table". Clearly this would require having a depression or even a void on the cool base so that the jawbridge can open this way which would be highly desirable. To clarify, not remove the base piece entirely, it is awesome. Merely engenieer the jawbridge so that it's hinge is at the absolute nadir of the castle so when opened, it rests on the same plane more or less of the "table", and not an inch above it as it is now.

    2) If the windraider base is ultimately included as planed, what are the chances of having a sort of "plug" so that if not used for the windraider stand, there is a floor covering, and not a hole in the "floor"?

    3) Is it fair to assume that the interiors will be a negative of the outside, as per the original castle? If not a scultped inerior, which is fine, I would prefer a negative so at least there is detail, rather than artificially detailess interior.

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    1. Will the inside walls be sculpted?

    2. Can the Wind Raider spot be cut for another accessory?

    3. Is it possible to get the dungeon grate?
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    (1) Is there a way to increase the general size of the castle to have greater walls in the upper part avoiding figures to fall ?

    (2) Is it possible to correct the drawbridge size to have he-man riding battle cat and raise the general height of the lower floor ?

    (3) Can we imagine replacing the wind raider slot (and eventually the jetpack) with the monsters pit (just below the trap) ?
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    1. A lot of people are asking for a lowered door. Can you please NOT mess with the 4H sculpt, and leave the door as is? The door is not supposed to sit lower than the Castle itself. If there's another way to make the entrance bigger, could you look into that instead?
    2. Can we get some sculpted inner walls?
    3. Is it possible to make room/prepare the Castle for future accessories, or even add-on walls? There is a lot missing from the b-sheets, the prototype and the vintage castle.

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    1) The Wind Raider base inside Castle Grayskull has been decried by the fanbase as something completely unnecessary and almost nonsensical. Have the decision-makers behind its inclusion taken this into consideration at all, and is it possible to cut this feature and add something else instead? After all, the 3-D dungeon floor is something almost everybody would prefer instead of this!

    2) Will it be fixed so that figures will fall through the trap door and INTO the dungeon, as opposed to falling outside of the dungeon walls? Otherwise, there is no point to having such a feature. Even the classic playset allowed you to drop a figure into the spot where the dungeon sticker was positioned!

    3) Will caped figures such as King He-Man and winged characters such as The Sorceress be able to sit upon the Grayskull throne?
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    (1) Can the entrance be made larger?

    (2) Will the sorceress be able to sit on the throne?

    (3) Can the windraider (and maybe the orb holder) be cut to make budget for the dungeon peice?

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    Can you make the jawbridge/door taller to that there is more head clearance and allow the bridge to lower to the ground instead of having that gap?

    Will the Sorceress be able to sit on the throne?

    I would much rather have the dungeon sculpt instead of the extra orb holder, the jet pack, and the wind raider stand - can you reconsider this please?

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    1. While promoting castle grayskull, toyguru said that if the castle was greenlit, the fans would be allowed to follow the different steps of the making of this playset and give their feedback. After Toyfair, it seems however that the prototype we saw is basically set in stone and that no matter how many fans have concerns about the size of the front door, its too late to make any modifications. So my first question is can the fans still have ANY input on Castle Grayskull?

    2. The windraider is a thing of beauty because every inch of it is intricately sculpted. While not final, the castle we saw at toyfair has almost no sculpted interior and smooth naked walls. is The design team at Mattel going to give us sculpted walls and floor for the inside similar to rhe castle grayskull stands, or leave the interior walls smooth, bland and looking unfinished?

    3. We've been told that the scale of the castle cannot unfortunately be changed because of tooling and shipping restrictions. would you at least consider to tweak the main gate and adjust the thickness and positions of the floorboards on every level to gain a little extra head room for the action figures?
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    1) Any plans to make the 3D dungeon grate available as an add-on in the future? A sticker is a poor replacement for this fully sculpted piece.

    2) Will the prototype card playmat be made? Perhaps it could be printed onto the back of the box, or sold separately later on?

    3) Could you please remove the hole for the Wind Raider stand from the triangular floor piece, or at least include a plug to conceal it? I like having a sculpted floor section for the castle, but the WR stand placement is poorly conceived and very few fans wanted it.

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    1) Why can't the slot for the Wind Raider stand be moved to the top right turret (complete with man-hole cover if one does not want to use it), instead of being placed on the ground floor?

    2) Why can't the slot for the Wind Raider be removed from the ground floor? I have yet to see one customer ask for this to remain. If you remove it, you can lower the floor and create more headroom on the ground floor, create more room for the dungeon to be taller, and create the chance for the jaw-bride hinge to be set into the base... which, after increasing the height of the jaw-bridge door, would allow for better head-clearance.

    3) Have you considered making the throne adjutable? If the back of the throne is a separate piece, with prongs that attach it to the base of the throne, then it could be pulled back a bit to not only accomodate the Sorceress's back tail feather panel, but also the wings attached to her shoulders... they would sit just behind the arm rests of the throne.
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    I'll try and keep it brief and simple.

    1) Can you guarantee that the Sorceress will be able to sit on the throne?

    2) The hole for the Wind Raider has had a negative reaction, mainly as it makes little sense to have it on the floor of the Castle inside. Can it be repositioned?

    3) Will the door shut properly and click into place?

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    Thank you for asking for fan input Mattel.

    1. Is there any way to make the entrance bigger?

    2. Is it possible to extend the width of the castle, I.E. make the fašade a little wider for a more Filmation style look?

    3. Scott mentioned there will be a slot for the sword of power to be slid in the entrance. Is there any way to make it functional to make it where it actually opens the jawbridge somehow?
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    Can we get more head room for figures to enter the drawbridge?

    Can the Windraider stand be the first piece cut to save costs?

    Can you cut the prison walls if it doesn't line up under the trap door?
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    Top 3.

    #1, is it possible to include removable pegs and holes (like those included with the stands) to be integrated into various levels and places so figures can stand without falling over? - that way if one decides not to use the pegs, the level can still be used either way. that also means some way of incorporating the "flight stands" into the castle design as well.

    #2 is that central floor piece the only place the windraider can connect? From the details, it made it sound like the windraider could be perched up higher on the castle and not just in "hover park" inside the castle and taking up floor space.

    #3 can the drawbridge be designed so it looks more flush with the table instead of the base of the castle? It's thickness, which is great, reduces the clearance from the pictures greatly for the figures to pass through the door.

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    Can the entrance be made bigger for He-Man and She-Ra to fit through? they barely look like they can fit

    Is there going to be a redesigned throne for the Sorceress to sit on? It's unfair of you to ask us to pull off her wings in order for her to sit down on it, and it's not like she's readily available for us all to buy an extra to display her with her wings on AND have the wingless Sorceress sitting on the throne. If the answer is no, then you should send all of us who have pre-ordered the Castle BEFORE knowing about her not being able to sit down an extra Sorceress so we can dismantle her and allow her to sit down.

    Why is this Castle so much smaller than the dimensions that you sold us when the pre-order was made available?
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    1. Can we ditch the Wind Raider parking spot? It doesn't seem very popular. It was a nice consideration and a college try but it doesn't seem to be working out.

    2. Are the measurements we saw at NYTF the FINAL measurements?

    3. will the two sides open up completely ( straight line, linear, 180 degrees) at the hinge?

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