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Thread: Mattel wants to know your top 3 questions for Design about MOTUC Castle Grayskull

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    1. Can the Jawbridge and Castle entrance be modified to allow taller figures access and possibly even accomodate a character on Battle Cat or Panthor's back?
    2. Will the suit on the second level next to the trapdoor have a final design that gets articulated and come with the castle?
    3. Are the shields, swords and flags hanging on the walls included with the Castle and if so are they removable?
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    My questions have to do If there are in plans in work to mold any extra tabs, hinges or holes just in case down the road fans want the castle expanded apon. Here are my examples.

    If flimation traits were added down the road like the bridge that connects to the drawbridge, the way the castle is designed now.(considering drawbridge is on the short side) Would it be possible in the future that it work or not work?

    If the fans decide they wanted an extra castle wall ( like the real Sorceress thrown shown in the cartoon). Would an extra side be able to be attached?

    I like the wind raider base. It connects the both sides of the castle. I view it more like a floor. Any chance you can mold any tabs or holes for the option for a top second floor to connect both sides of the castle or the option for a real roof to display figures on the top of the castle down the road?

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    I was looking forward to the castle but what was shown at ToyFair has me seriously considering cancellation of my pre-order. These three questions, answered correctly, could lead to me going through with my order commitment:

    1) Will the jaw bridge be lowered into the base so that head clearance increases for figures walking through the doorway? Originally we were shown an entrance through which He-Man could ride Battle Cat with room to spare. Now, He-Man alone must hunch over.

    2) Will sculpt be adjusted so that the trap door actually leads directly into the dungeon? Currently, it's half in/half out and looks ridiculous.

    3) Can the Wind Raider base/castle floor be removed in favor of the prison grate and/or a fully articulated robot? Nobody asked for or wants the Wind Raider slot. In fact, I would assume that most, like myself, assumed this slot would allow for the Wind Raider to fly OVER the castle, not sit INSIDE like the place is some sort of mechanic shop.
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    1. Is it too late to remove the Wind Raider plug-in, which would (presumably) enable you to lower the floor and thereby expand the jawbridge opening?

    2. Is there going to be any kind of texturing on the interior walls (even if it's merely the inverse of the facade)?

    3. Two questions, but both about the throne (so I'm counting it as one, LOL!): Will the Sorceress' throne have slots for her wings, enabling her to sit down, and will the candle stand that operates the trap door be connected to the throne?
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    1) Can the entrance opening in some way be made larger to better accommodate figures?

    2)Can the Wind Raider "dock" be moved to a spot on the top of the castle?

    3)Can the height of the levels be raised to increase headroom for figures?

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    1) Can you please fix the jawbridge hinge so that it is part of the base (flush), lowering the jawbridge to rest on the ground when open? Making so it is not sitting an inch above the ground like it is now in the Horsemens Sculpt? Doing this will give the Entrance the extra headroom for any MOTUC character to easily pass thru the doorway? Also the jawbridge door would need to be lengthened to accomodate this, but should be easy to do.
    How it was planned image on left is what Fans want. Please see enclosed pictures:

    2) can you get rid of the hole to park the widraider? It just looks foolish parking it inside the castle and as big as the windraider is will take up way too much room.

    3) Can the trap door be aligned to drop figures into the dungeon?
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    1. Will the throne be made so that the Sorceress with her feathered wings can properly sit on it?

    2. Is it possible that the drawbridge opening can be made larger, so that figures can fit/stand through the entrance?

    3. Will the interior walls have any deco/molding to resemble the exterior?

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    1) Why can't the slot for the Wind Raider stand be moved to the top right turret (complete with man-hole cover if one does not want to use it), instead of being placed on the ground floor?

    2) A lot of people wants the sculpted dungeon pit instead of getting a sticker. So, can be the Dungeon walls be selled separately like a future Castle Grayskull expansion? Also, in order to save costs put the bat jetpack in a weapons pack, because nobody demanded it.

    3) In some areas of the prototype a figure cant stand well on their own. Will be the outside ledger bigger in order to put a figure on it or it will have sculpted pegs? Same with elevator, it will have pegs in order to avoid figures falling when moving it?
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    1.) Will you make the headroom clearance for the inside rooms and the Jaw Bridge larger?
    2.) Will the Sorceress be able to sit in the throne without having to remove her wings?
    3.) Why is it so much smaller than we were told (and shown with the foam mock-up) by Toy Guru during the original pre-order period???

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    1. Can the Jaw Bridge opening be enlarged/heightened/lowered?
    2. Can you remove the wind raider attachment for virtually anything else?
    3. Will the inside walls be painted/textured?
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    1. Is there a way to design the throne in a way that the Sorceress can sit on it with her "wings" still attached? I would hate to have to remove them and modify my figure in order for her to fit in it.

    2. Will the inside wall be molded or feature more designs/artwork that we have yet to see? Perhaps something like a mural or the three way battle between King Grayskull, The Horde and The Snake Men?

    3. It seems that the foam model of Castle Grayskull that Toyguru showed us on video was a lot bigger than the model that was seen at NYTF. The jaw bridge was a lot bigger as He-Man on top of Battle Cat were able to fit through. Could you stick to that model's size as opposed to the one at TF?

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    1. Will there be a way for a winged or a caped character to sit in the throne?
    2. Is there a way to maximize clearance space of the front entrance to allow for a more room? By thinning out the base of the castle or other methods?
    3. The secret entrance ledge outside of the castle doesn't appear to be large enough for a figure to stand on. Will this be the case in the final castle?

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    1.Could the floor levels and jaw bridge be solid plastic and not hollow or thinned out like it was in the original (and 200x) play set. That was the one thing that always bothered me about the old playset, it made the floor levels very flimsy. Considering the price-tag this version really needs some weight to it.
    2. Could the elevator and other "loose" pieces be manufactured to stay in place very firmly? Preferably like Procrustus' arms. Once in place, no removing them.
    3. Could the flags be the one exception and made out of a sturdy fabric for a more realistic display?

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    1. Can the windraider attachment be removed in order to get the monster floor grate?
    2. Can the dungeon or the trap door be moved so that the two are aligned with one another?
    3. Can the outside upper ledge, by the secret door, have pegs so that a figure would be able stay fixed in place?

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    1. Can we get rid of the Windraider stand in the middle castle interior?
    2. Will we be getting extra components later, like add-on walls and a Filmation-accurate throne?
    3. Any possibility of enlarging the teeth to make them more Filmation/MYP accurate?
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    1) Can the jaw bridge be modified to allow enough clearance for He-Man riding Battle Cat to pass through, as we saw on the original foam mold?
    2) Will the throne be designed to accommodate Sorceress without modification?
    3) Will the inside walls be sculpted or textured rather than just being the opposite of the exterior mold?

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    1. Will/can the interior walls of the Castle be sculpted instead of smooth?

    2. Can you get rid of the Windraider plug? It's unnecessary and I doubt many would use it.

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    1) Any chance of seeing the sculpted dungeon piece released at some point, or including it with the castle unpainted?

    2) In the event that some paint apps have to be cut, would you consider including a sticker sheet for details on flat surfaces? Stickers aren't ideal, but a deco-intensive surface like a computer monitor done as a sticker could keep more paint in other places. (Such as dungeon grates, or any existing pieces that risk paint cuts)

    3) Could you please consider losing the Wind Raider stand before any other potential cutbacks? I understand a place to mount the Wind Raider was an early promise that you may feel obligated to fulfill, but that thing already includes an excellent stand and it's so huge that I couldn't possibly block that beautiful castle interior with it.

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    1. Please make the drawbridge opening larger so a figure can walk through without smacking their head. I know there is no way we are getting one large enough to accommodate He-Man ON BattleCat to ride through but he should be able to WALK through.

    2. Get rid of the Wind Raider parking lot. Blatant attempt to get people to buy Wind Raiders while still holding that AMAZING BAttle Ram hostage. Dump the Wind Raider parking lot and put the 3D dungeon grate back in.

    3. Put the trapdoor over the dungeon! This should be obvious - where else would a trapdoor go?

    I would love to just say make the whole thing bigger like the original mock-up, even pushing accessories off for a future add-on pack, but Mattel is NEVER going to make it that large. I'd love to be wrong.

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    1. I would like all size concerns to be answered as well. Could it be made taller (entrance and head room inside) or is it too late??
    2.Can we have add on packs like the original dungeon piece and a place to park Wind Raider and Talon Fighter on top of turret?

    3. Will there be replacement parts available and a warranty like regular Mattel products?

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    1. is it possible to upsize the castle overall,so that the dungeon door is in scale with the figures?
    2. Can the interior walls be textured?
    3. Can the dungeon grate be included?

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    1- Could you lower the Jawbridge to the floor?
    2- Will the Soceress be able to sit without us having to break her wings off, like at ToyFair?
    3- Could you dump the pie piece? It's why the ceilings are now lower.
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    First of all thanks for allowing the input. I've pre-ordered 3 Castle's so I appreciate the opportunity to ask a few things.

    Question 1: Is there any way to increase the head clearance for He-man and friends for their passage into the castle on the open draw bridge? It clearly seems that He-man has to stoop slightly just to get into the castle which is a change from the original proportions that were indictated. Figures stand low enough under the top of the entrance when the door is shut, but not when they're standing on the door. Somehow this has to get solved. I know you guys can do it!

    Question 2: Is there any way at all to get rid of the Wind Raider parking spot quarter round plastic piece in favor of the molded dungeon grate created by the 4H? While this was a noble effort, I would rather have the dungeon grate as that was original to the castle or even interior molded walls. I've heard the suggestion that the Wind Raider could be parked on top perhaps in the same place as the flag stand with the option of using either the flag or the WR stand. The WR never went into the castle.

    Question 3: Can the trap door be made so as to open up over top of the dungeon? As it is, it appears that when an evil warrior who is on his way up to the Sorceress' throne, which she should be able to sit in BTW, the door opens up into open space next to the dungeon but not into it. This was one of my favorite features as a kid!

    I know you guys will make great adjustments to fix these issues.
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    1/ Have the missing items from the orginal Mark Taylor prototype, ie the small weponks rack, the torture rack and the battle puppet been sculpted and will they be included with the final release or sold sepratley in an add on pack?

    2/ Will the Jaw Bridge be sank more into the base and the door lengthend?

    3/Will there be more detailed sculpting done inside the castle and if so what?

    Thats my 3 questions I hope to ask the team.

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    can you Please lower the ground floor level?

    Can you please ditch the dopey 'Wind Raider' hole idea?

    Can the upper left Rampart floor be Higher? so that its not so cluttered.
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