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Thread: Mattel wants to know your top 3 questions for Design about MOTUC Castle Grayskull

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    1. Can the castle (especially the entrance) get at least another inch in height? The whole thing looks crowded, and you've already heard everyone else chime in with what seem like valid suggestions for solutions to this issue. It's the biggest elephant in the room.

    2. If the Windraider was such a poor sale/failure, why is there a spot in this playset dedicated to it? The only vehicle I remember holding a permanent spot with my original Castle Grayskull was the Talon Fighter perched on Point Dread. I'm not against the floor space and the pegs that appear to have an intended future use (the 80s prototype dungeon would be awesome), but I like other suggestions for making the "floor" as either part of the castle or expanding upon the dungeon.

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    As most people.

    1) can jaw bridge open to the floor, for more height for entrance.
    2) can you make more clearance between floors
    3) can Wind raider base cut off, is a nonsense


    PD: Sorry for my english

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    The only real question I have is:

    What will the interior walls of the castle look like in the final product? Will they be an inverse of the exterior sculpt or flat and featureless like the prototype or some other option?

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    I just have some easy technical questions, thanks for asking for our input.

    1. The original trap door would sometimes activate if a figure stood upon it. Will the new one have a sturdier, more stable trigger mechanism?

    2. How will the dungeon walls lock into place, or will they be fixed, and the cell door used for access?

    3. Would it be possible to create an add-on in the future that includes lower levels for more rooms and an expanded dungeon (provided that sales numbers are high enough)?

    Thanks again!

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    I'll pick out the three most asked questions for Design and send them along. Thanks everyone!

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