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Thread: Mattel wants to know your top 3 questions for Design about MOTUC Castle Grayskull

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    Quote Originally Posted by mjw41 View Post
    1) Can you please fix the jawbridge hinge so that it is part of the base (flush), lowering the jawbridge to rest on the ground when open? Making so it is not sitting an inch above the ground like it is now in the Horsemens Sculpt? Doing this will give the Entrance the extra headroom for any MOTUC character to easily pass thru the doorway? Also the jawbridge door would need to be lengthened to accomodate this, but should be easy to do.
    How it was planned image on left is what Fans want. Please see enclosed pictures:
    I agree with this and want to add:

    2. Place the wind raider attachment to the parapet, perhaps where the chess piece goes. You can remove the chess piece and put the wind raider there. This would be better than inside the castle.

    3. Is it possible to either move the trapdoor over the dungeon or put the grate in it's place? If you put the trapdoor over the dungeon would it even be able to open?
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    1 Would it be possible to put up a poll where fans could vote whether they would like less or no accessories in favor for a bigger castle?

    2. Can you make the entrance a little bigger?

    3. Can the windraider stand hole be somewhere on top of the castle and have a plug cover?
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    1. Since we are not getting everything that was shown in the B-sheet anyway (dungeon grate), why did you decide to drastically reduce the scale of the castle instead of drastically reducing the parts and accessories? I would prefer to purchase multiple future expansion paks than have a MOTUC playset that cannot be used with MOTUC figures.

    2. Have you considered putting the trap door's hinge on the right edge instead of the left and adding a stopper to hold it around 30 degrees from the floor when open so the figures "slide" into the dungeon? This could reduce or eliminate the distance the trap door would need to be relocated to work with the dungeon walls. The top of the dungeon wall could also be angled to facilitate this.

    3. Are you investigating ways to allow the space suit armor shell to fit over a standard MOTUC buck? If it is going to be hollow anyway, it might as well be designed to fit on He-Man. The hands would probably need more of a mitten shape, and the back would still be open, but it would be better than a decoration.

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    1) Can the entrance be larger by removing the base underneath?

    2)Can the Wind Raider "dock" be removed to add more room to the ground floor and the entrance?

    3)Will the sorceress be able to sit on the throne or will a Sorceress 2.0 be considered?

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    1) What factors went in to deciding the final height of the castle?

    2) Can a figure go through the jawbridge at their normal height and not hit their head on the top?

    3) Will any of the accessories removed from the castle instead be offered in a future weapons pack?

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    I want to thank those at Mattel Design for giving us a chance to voice our concerns about Castle Grayskull. Even if there is ultimately nothing that can be done about a certain issue, the effort is appreciated.

    1) Is it possible to place the hinge joint for the CG jawbridge into the base instead of in it's current position? It would give much needed clearance for displaying figures in the entrance, as well as circumvent likely QC issues that would occur with the jawbridge sticking out into space without support.

    2) Are there any options for adding more head clearance within the castle? Even an inch more can visually make a big difference.

    3) Is there any way to place the third floor above the computer room in the castle in a better position? On the prototype, it looks very awkward and has no tangible anchor point. It also robs the second floor of a lot of head clearance.

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    My three questions for me:

    1) will the inside walls be sculpted?
    2) will the trap door open over the dungeon?
    3) will the weapons rack be included?

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    1) Could you pretty please make the Jawbridge lower in position at the hinge, thus increasing its clearance for figure to walk through?

    2) Please could you promise me that wicked dungeon piece we saw from the Horsemen will get tossed into one of (I'm hoping) several future expansion Paks? I'd love to see this thing get Pottery Barned. Sell me stuff for my castle!

    3) can we at least get the interior walls as negatives of the outside? Sculpted would be great, but negatives would be better than smoothness.

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    1. Head Clearance

    What will be the head clearance for MOTUC action figures on each floor of the castle, including the ground floor? At the moment, it appears that the figures will barely be able to stand upright without their heads hitting the above ceiling.

    2. Trap Door

    Will the trap door drop into the dungeon? At the moment, it appears that the trap door will drop a figure into the entrance doorway of the castle, NOT the dungeon.

    3. Left Parapet

    Will the left parapet (when viewed from the front) be taller? At the moment, the left parapet barely appears to be ankle height for most MOTUC action figures, whereas in the original plans/mock-up it appeared to waist height.

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    1. Can the jawbridge be lowered to fix the head clearance issue at the entrance?

    2. Will Scareglow's key be able to work for sure?

    3. Will there be pegs for figures to stand on the ledge securely?

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    Do you realise how much damage you are doing to the brand's reputation with the constant cutbacks to the Castle?

    Fix the floor and drawbridge height?

    Can you move the Wind Raider port to the top of the Skull please?

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    1 can the jaw bridge be set lower for more head room?
    2 can we get rid of the highly unpopular wind raider stand, in favour of say,... The little triangle weapon stand that came with the original ?
    3 will there be sculpted brick work on the inside of the castle?
    Thanks ZH

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    1. Can the trap door be centered over the dungeon?
    2. Can you release the dungeon grate as an add on pack with the small weapons rack and extra weapons seen on the b sheet?
    3. Can the pie piece be sacrificed for the dungeon grate or could a plug in for the hole at least be included?

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    1) Can you make the 2nd and 3rd levels higher up so that figures can stand up underneath them without hitting their heads?

    2) Can you make the platforms wider to better accommodate the figures so they won't fall off?

    3) Can you get rid of the hole in the ground for the Wind Raider stand since most of us thought the stand would plug in to the top platform of the castle, not in the middle of the first floor inside the castle?

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    1) Is there any way to design the throne so that the Sorceress can fit?

    2) Can something be done to increase head clearance in the castle and the door?

    3) Can the Wind Raider stand be moved to the top of the castle as it's really too big and not practical for it to be in it?

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    1) Can you retool the jawbridge’s hinge so that it is part of the base, so that when it’s open it flushes with the ground and adds more headroom?

    2) Will you be making actual interior walls (sculped with bricks etc) instead of using the negative of the exterior walls?

    3) Is is possible to do a castle grayskull accessories pack with extra pieces (like the 3D sculpted dungeon floor an alternative throne or the prototype card playmat) to build into the castle?
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    1. Can you start from scratch and make the castle bigger?
    2. Can you please get rid off the Wind Raider stand and replace with dungeon?
    3. Can you retool the thrown to fit Sorceress figure?

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    1. Why isn't the Jawbridge door flush with the ground when in the open position? Seems like the door could have been bigger and thereby allowing for figures to fit through the entrance way if it wasn't so high off the ground when open as it is now.

    2. Why is there so little head room for the figures on the first and second levels?

    3. If anything has to be cut, can the Wind Raider spot be the first on the chopping block? (Just as an example) It would be a tough pill to swallow if we lost the sculpted gate to keep that rather needless Wind Raider spot.

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    1. Can you make CG bigger ?
    2. Can you make CG bigger ?
    3. Can you make CG bigger ?
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    Quote Originally Posted by King Kahn View Post
    I agree with this and want to add:

    2. Place the wind raider attachment to the parapet, perhaps where the chess piece goes. You can remove the chess piece and put the wind raider there. This would be better than inside the castle.

    3. Is it possible to either move the trapdoor over the dungeon or put the grate in it's place? If you put the trapdoor over the dungeon would it even be able to open?
    My questions transmit what mjw41 & what King Kahn have said. One of the reasons why I preordered a CG was b/c He-Man could ride Battle Cat through Grayskulls door.

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    I think the scupt and deco is great. Overall the castle still looks massive, but ...

    1. Please, could you make the JAW BRIDGE open flush with the ground to make for a larger opening? The opening of the Jaw Bridge is a huge part of MOTU since that is what Skeletor is always trying to do, open that door. So if anything please focus on making that door larger and in better scale?

    2. Could the Wind Raider attachment be eliminated since it doesn't seem to effectively work for display? If cost is a problem, I would gladly sacrifice that for reworking the Jaw Bridge or jail.

    3. Will the jail be reworked to have all bars for more visibility of the prisoner(s) and better being able to see the grate?

    Thanks for the opportunity for feedback.

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    1. Can you make the jawbridge opening taller?

    2. Where will the trap door empty out at?

    3. Why did Scott state on RGD that there would not be stickers or cardboard cutouts yet we are getting the floor grating as a sticker?

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    1. Will anything be done to make sure most figures will fit in the entrance of Castle Grayskull, with the Jawbridge open?
    2. Will the floors be thinner to make sure most characters can fit inside the Castle, standing up?
    3. Will a plug/cover be included to cover up the hole in the floor, for people who will not be displaying their Wind Raider inside the Castle?
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    1. A number of fans were hoping for an articulted Grayskull space suit figure in Classics. Is there any change Mattel will re-think the sculpted-out armor display by doing away with this feature and potentially release a proper Classics figure of the space suit in the future?

    2. Will there be a Stone Lock for the power swords to open the secret orb chamber?

    3. Will you ensure the Sorceress can sit on the Throne with her wings attached?
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    1. Can the jawbridge entrance height be increased by having the jawbridge open flush with the ground? (cut into the base)
    2. Can the small weapon rack be included in place of the bat-jetpack? (Not many folks like that jetpack and the weapons that come with CG need a rack!)
    3. Can the laser cannon rotate on a swivel left to right?
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